Saturday, September 4, 2010

ZenTiger First Quakes, Then Winds and Flooding, Then What?

As the people of Christchurch and surrounds pick up the pieces, warnings of strong winds coming in at the tail end of news reports.

Strong winds are forecast to increase with gusts of up to 130kmh possible and rain on the way. Buildings, other structures and trees already weakened by the quake and flooding could be put at risk.

My recommendation? Buy around 30 cans of Raid and Mortein for Monday.

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Canterbury Atheists said...

Share disaster in my household.

Firstly I lost two bottles of beer in my beer-fridge in the initial quake and then to add further distress in the aftermath I couldn’t access my TAB phone-account. And all the bloody useless council were interested in was running around trying to repair the friggin’ power and water when I had bets to put on at the Aussie gallops. I mean to say they could prioritise things?

If that wasn’t bad enough to top things-off my local closes its doors at 7 PM.

That’s right – I waltz in at 5 o’clock to find its closing its doors for the night at 7PM on a Saturday.

Gotta go, the crew from Campbell Live are at the door. I’ve got the kids dressed in bloodied rags and given TV3 the exclusive on the beer bottles.

Praise-be to Poseidon (The God of Earthquakes) no one was killed.

See ya.


Oswald Bastable said...

Could be boils next...

ZenTiger said...

It is those kind of hard life experiences Paul that really put the man to the test. Some might fall at this point, but I have confidence you will get through this and be a better person for it.

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