Thursday, September 23, 2010

Andrei Garrett goes while Carter stays

David Garrett has quit Parliament - no real surprise there, and I assume Hilary Calvert who is next on the list will take up his seat.

On the other hand: I'm still a Labour MP, says Carter.

Which says something about the differing takes on personal responsibility for ones actions displayed amongst individuals from the left as opposed to those on the right perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

Does Carter have any criminal convictions? I didn't think he did.

Still Carter's a goner. It's just he hasn't accepted it yet. Good on Garrett for taking responsibility for his past actions.

Seán said...

Criminal convictions are one things but I think the bigger picture here has to do with integrity and still having the ability to do the job effectively.

Garrett and Worth did the honorable thing in th end at least.

Field and Carter have become a joke due to the way they have reacted after their mistakes became known.

Says a lot about the calibre of people on the left and right. We all make mistakes in life, but how we handle the aftermath is sometimes just as important.

scrubone said...

Convictions? Well Garrett has one solitary conviction in a corrupt country that resulted in a $10 fine.

Hardly something that makes the difference in this case.

As Sean says, it's integrity.

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