Friday, September 24, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

What a wild, stormy night tonight!

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homepaddock said...

Wild and stormy indeed.

Apropos of which, why are the clocks going forward to summer time tomorrow when it's still winter?

mojo said...

Imminent warming.
Mind you, not wild & woolly here at all.

Lucia Maria said...


I agree with your question about the clocks. It's just too early. I thought daylight savings wasn't supposed to start until October. It's a week too early.

Hi Mojo,

So you must be in some sheltered valley or forested area then?


Evening all. It's windy here too.
One day is warm- around 20c- the next is cold- around 15c.
Autumn is here and the leaves are falling.

homepaddock said...

More than a week early. It's the spring solstice today so there's only 12 hours between sunrise and sunset, that means moving sunset from 6ish to 7ish in the evening comes at the cost of moving sunrise from 6ish to 7ish in the morning.

If moving clocks forward was delayed until late October we;d have 14 hours between sunrise and sunset so it would be light at both ends of the day - and also warmer.

I.M Fletcher said...

I have often grizzled about Daylight Saving on here. They just start it way too early. It didn't used to begin until after Labour weekend, which was not too bad. Yet another thing the public of NZ were not consulted about.

Matthew said...

Too right Flecher. United Future Leader Peter Dunne collected 40,000 signatures and on that basis got a law change [for this daylight saving]. However when it came to the collecting signatures for a S59 referendum...

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