Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fletch Charging For Beach Access?

Yahoo!Xtra Poll, 11 September 2010

Well, we knew it was coming didn't we. The ACT party, despite protests from Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, is saying that Maori will be able to charge for access to beaches if they gain customary title.
The ACT Party says Maori will be able to charge for access to beaches if they gain customary title under new legislation, despite Attorney-General Chris Finlayson telling Parliament yesterday that wouldn't be possible. Mr Finlayson has introduced the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill to Parliament, which will replace the existing Foreshore and Seabed Act. It will allow iwi to seek customary title to parts of the coastline, if they can prove continuous use and occupation since 1840.
The money-quote is below -
Mr Garrett today accused Mr Finlayson of misleading Parliament about whether iwi would be allowed to charge for access to beaches. "The current legislation specifically prohibits Maori rights holders from being able to charge the public an access fee on areas that they control," he said. "This clause has been specifically removed from National's proposed legislation. "It's time National admitted that the proposed legislation will rob New Zealanders of their right to enjoy our most popular beaches."

Why couldn't Key & Co leave well-enough alone? Under Crown ownership, the beaches really did belong to everyone. With the dumping of the Seabed & Foreshore Act, it's all been opened up to more squabbling about rights and customary titles. Idiots....

Sorry, but I'm getting sick of all this Treaty stuff. A line needs to be drawn saying enough-is-enough; any injustices in the past been WELL compensated for, now it's time to hold up both ends of the Treaty and all go about the business of living together as New Zealanders and sharing the country.

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Swimming said...

The Act party may say that Maori will be able to charge for customary title, you appear to be believing him without actually reading the legislation. Have you any idea of how hard it will be to get customary title, AND charge for access without penalty? The minister says it will be impossible. And I`d believe the minister any day.

ZenTiger said...

@Big News:I'd rather not be in the position to have to believe a minister, I'd rather rely on clear legislation. The legislation has to survive the Minister in any event.

Having this clause removed understandably implies much. Having not read the full document, I'll reserve judgment.

@Fletcher: I agree that the treaty settlement process is taking a long time, and it seems far too long. It will be worth it if it draws to a fair conclusion, and we can close the chapter on this and move on, hopefully as a united country.

What worried me is that these "full and final settlements" will for one reason or another prove not to be full and final, and off we go again.

Thus, my opening story in the recent Friday Night Free For All :-)

I.M Fletcher said...

@Zen, yes I saw your opening story on the free-for-all; it was good. I guess I am a little bit more lacking in subtlety :)

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