Friday, September 10, 2010

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

Many years ago I sold a house. It was during the time of high interest rates and low sales, so I didn't do great, but I did OK. But recently, I was checking out how other property sales went at that time, and I'm thinking maybe I could have done a bit better. I now need to track down the buyer, and redress the previous wrongs incurred when I accepted the offer on the table. I think that owner added a deck to the place, and that escalated the value considerably. I was going to add a deck - certainly the house design allowed for it. I reckon I deserve a share of that capital gain too. It's all about justice and fairness, isn't it?

Do you reckon I'm leading too early with this satire?

It was just a passing thought, and passing thoughts are de rigeur for Friday. That's de rigeur in the English usage, meaning according to fashion; the usual. The stricter French interpretation would be, err, stricter, if you get my drift. Another passing thought, but I'll leave foreign phrases for another post. Right now it's the weekly Pizza and Kebab run. This is a weird household.

Still, all of this chatter was just to distract us from the Christchurch quakes, because maybe our Christchurch friends are a little tired of having it kept uppermost in their minds. Still (if I can use that word), with ongoing aftershocks, it's probably impossible à faire . Oops there's another one of those phrases. Saying impossible à faire is saying "impossible to do" but switch it around to faire l'impossible and suddenly we are doing one's utmost. I like the French language, must learn it properly one day. Given the quake, are other people thinking about what things might be a little more important to get done, or does that come after getting things back to normal?

Drop a line and share a thought. It's Friday. I raise my glass and offer a toast to our blog readers good health!

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scrubone said...

So no earthquake puns? Pity, it would really shake the place up.

Lucia Maria said...

LOL, Scrubone!

Lucia Maria said...

Bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt!

My 9yo is finding the above Latin chant a bit of a tongue twister. 13yo has no problems with it.

And there's: Rident stolidi verba Latina! (Fools laugh at the Latin language).

Don the Kiwi said...

I'm waiting with baited breath to see if I'm accepted. I get 1 out of 50 times I attempt to get on here approved. So here goes.
Good evening all. Nice and fine here in Tauranga, till tomorrow afternoon.
Pleasing to see you're getting to grips with latin Lucia. You'll need it ;-)
Many years ago, I could speak like an ancient Roman. Time to brush up methinks.

Ciaron said...

Issued 4 green and 1 yellow placard today.

Ciaron said...

I'm shattered, talk to y'all tomorrow.

scrubone said...

Aw, this party was just starting to rock!

scrubone said...

FYI: I am now officially a twit.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Don,

Good to see you here! We're just beginning with Latin, no chance of speaking like ancient Romans for years yet.


Hi, bye!


what's this about being a "twit"?

ZenTiger said...

Ciaron, sorry you had to split.

Scrubone, earthquake puns are beneath me, although the funny ones always bring the house down, and crack a few people up.

scrubone said...

Zen, your humour is faultless.

LM: signed up for twitter. Posted on it and everything.

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