Thursday, November 11, 2010

Andrei Controversial Catholicism

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Lucia Maria said...

The battle is heating up. Unfortunately, nothing like this will happen in NZ for a long time.

Andrei said...

The battle surely is Martyrs in Iraq,
and apostasy in the west

Did you see five English Anglican Bishops are leaving to become join Catholic Church?

Lucia Maria said...


It's the retired Bishops, and those without dioceses, so far. One of the issues is that those moving over will get far less money than they are used to, so that's slowed down the exodus, so far.

And to be a Christian in Iraq today is to be a very brave person.

I.M Fletcher said...

I don't know what these people are so surprised about. Everyone knows the Church's stand on gay marriage. Was it really that much of a shock to see it expressed again in a DVD? Good on the Bishop for putting it out. Catholics need a jab sometimes to remind them of what they are supposed to believe.

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