Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ZenTiger Don't Vote Labour Any Moore

A 21-year-old who set up a website urging people to vote against Labour has been contacted by the Electoral Commission because he is not complying with provisions of the controversial new Electoral Finance Act.

Andrew Moore set up the www.dontvotelabour.org.nz website on the final day of 2007 after coming up with the idea while doing some dishes at home.
It seems that the man wants to know where you live. But if Andy calls his website a blog, will he be safe?

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Anonymous said...

Andy Moore is a clot, or at least he needs good advice.

1. Do not register the domain with an NZ registrar, use a US one. Some will even provide a free add on service to hide the name's owner.

2. Don't host the web site in NZ, again, use a US host.

3. Use an IP cloaker when surfing the net.

4. Keep them confused, reply to the emails the govt sends you by using a different internet cafe each time. Gte friends in other parts of the country, or overseas, to reply on your behalf, again using internet cafes.

ZenTiger said...

So, are you saying it is absolutely necessary to try to hide yourself from the government using all means necessary if you are thinking about putting up a website with strong opinions contained within?

Well Sir, I say to you Andy is not a clot. Because his real name is Nigel Farnsworth, and poor old A. Moore, who does live in Christchurch, has no idea the Police are about to kick in his door and taser his Mum (for waving a spatula in a threatening manner).

KG said...

So, Anonymous, your solution to the government destroying the right to free speech is to find ways to hide and lie?
This is a battle of principles, not an exercise in evasive techniques.

Anonymous said...

I say you must use all means at your disposal.

By registering the domain and hosting the site outside NZ, you are effectively putting it beyond the reach of NZ law. The government may be able to pressure NZ hosts ISP's but its a lot harder with a US based host.

However, I do alos believe in being upfront and standing up for your own convictions, even if you run the risk of a conviction.

So, were I the person behind this web site, I'd keep it off shore to protect it from NZ government interference, and I would also be vocal in representations to my MP and anyone else I think could help.

KG said...

Fair enough. I'm looking at ways to shift my blog to a hosting service that'll be beyond the reach of censors, because I'm convinced that the islamists are actively working to shut down voices raised against them.
It just sticks in my craw to have to do the same because of our own government.

Barnsley Bill said...

Keith, some may laugh at your last comment. Having seen what happened to Theo spark and another English blogger who is facing arrest I agree with you 100%. Internationally the islamists are our biggest problem, domestically it is the beast and her govt.

MK said...

Just for that, i'm adding that Don't Vote Labour to my sidebar. I don't think i have many Kiwi readers, but never mind, i'll kick them anyway, the left that is. Conservative Kiwis and those from anywhere are always welcome.

ZenTiger said...

But what if reverse psychology backfires? Then "Don't vote Labour" encourages people that don't understand the issues to actually vote in the affirmative, no?

Gee, do I not, not encourage people to go to this site: MK's views - Down under on the right side just in case they see the banner?

MK said...

Nah, don't worry, those who struggle with well-known concepts like leftist=bad, don't frequent my blog. ;)

Andy Moore said...

Anonymous. You're wrong mate. I'm not interested on hiding - I've told the media my name, they've got my phone number - I've been in touch with the EC.

Who's the clot?

ZenTiger said...

Hi Andy - just to be clear, I also think you are not a clot.

It's a great thing you are doing, and it is equally important that you respect your father's wishes to not use the family address - which is what you have done - and you also have my support on that score.

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