Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ZenTiger If Wishes Were Fishes

If wishes were fishes, so the saying goes, we'd all cast our nets in the sea. Oswald has tagged me to list eight wishes for 2008. Since wishes nor fishes are not goals or resolutions, I'll confine mine to vaguely public things:

1. Family - That divorce rates go down and families are happier together (and appreciate it)
2. Community - That we interact positively with more people in our community - get to know neighbours; spend time with and build our network of friends; increase our acts of charity.
3. Self - That we all take a little more time to look after ourselves with a little more exercise, a little better food and (dare I say?) a lot less TV.
4. Spirit - That people spend a little time each day praying, or if that isn't your thing, spend some time each day in quiet reflection and contemplation to stay in touch with what really is important in your life.
5. Law - That repeat offenders learn to respect the law, and the more dangerous ones in this category are removed from public to underscore the intent that protecting the innocent is more important than giving ad nauseum chances to those that fail to appreciate them.
6. Tax - No tax on the first $20K. The top tax rate kicks in at $150K.
7. Government - Labour are in the opposition benches after the next election.
8. World - The World Youth Day event in Sydney 2008 is a resounding success, and our youth leave there spiritually enriched.

And I now have the obligatory casting of the net out to 5 fellow bloggers. Which ones will take the lure?

Psycho Milt, a swift Salmon in the stormy seas of No Minister
Scrubone, the diamond roughy of Orange Roughys in the still pond at Half Done
David P. Farrar, a Thunderous Tarakihi in the vast ocean of KiwiBlog
Andrei, the radiant Rainbow Trout, at home in the deep waters of Lake Briefing Room
Mr Tips, the stimulating Sole at the placid waters of NZ Conservative

5 comment(s):

MK said...

What!! not a single wish for more guns!! But you do have some really well thought out ones..

ZenTiger said...

Weapons move into the "goals and resolutions" category for 2008. I aim to get a good compound hunting bow.

MK said...

That's more like it.. :)

KG said...

I've never hunted compounds--are they fast? Do they bite?

ZenTiger said...

They are indeed kg, but once you get a compound fenced, they are easy to manage.

Although a good shotgun as backup might be prudent :-)

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