Friday, January 4, 2008

Lucia Friday night free for all

If anyone can drag themselves indoors that is.

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fugley said...

Wanders in; looks around, this place is emptier than a Church on Sunday.

Wanders out in search of beer.

Psycho Milt said...

I have beer. This information is of course possibly of limited Fugley value at this point in time.

KG said...

Currently cooking dinner.When is someone going to invent the Food Pill to save us the trouble of eating, eh?

ZenTiger said...

Just listening to the radio:

1. Some-one wants to see Gerry Brownlee as Prime Minister. She was pretty keen on him. (I wonder if it was his wife or mother?) He was "Karamystic" which I imagine is like charismatic, but can also see into the future, which would be very handy for a PM.

2. A Sue Bradford supporter just assaulted a teenager who was collecting signatures for a s59 repeal petition. Where are tasers when you need them?

ZenTiger said...

this place is emptier than a Church on Sunday.

You gotta stop breaking in at 4am Fugley. Just check the mass times.

KG said...

I see a supporter of the anti-smacking bill has assaulted a young girl collecting signatures for a petition against it...

dad4justice said...

That wasn't you fugley, was it ?

ZenTiger said...

Aye, kg. There's a story there.

Phil said...

Howdy, all!

Any Wellingtonians out there? Enjoying our lovely summer weather?

Currently sipping a few cold ones at home while the movie "Titanic" blares in the back ground.

I hate to inject a note of negativity into the festive season, and I'll probably make lots of lifelong enemies for saying this, but did anyone else hate that l..o..n..g dreary movie as much as I did? They took a perfectly good disaster story and ruined it with all that schmaltz and romance. I got so bored and impatient, I began cheering for the iceberg.

Anyhoo, hope all is well with you and yours.

ZenTiger said...

Hi there Phil. I'm up on the Kapiti Coast, and enjoying the great weather. It's a pity yesterday was a bit rough, as we attempted a BBQ. today would have been perfect.

Still, the company was most excellent and I was so busy chatting the food may have been a little on the overdone side. Luckily, I had a couple of steaks to do separately, and they were medium rare.

Titanic? Boring as. Never liked it. I thought Under Siege was fairly decent though. That had a boat in it. And a girl. In a cake. And lots of guns. And a chef. Obviously, the recipe for a good movie.

ZenTiger said...

Ensign Taylor: We still have a week together.
Casey Ryback: I guess that means I won't get to see you go through puberty.

Phil said...

Wow!! Vote Zen for Prime Minister! [Hope i didn't just violate the Electoral Reform Act :-)]

I LOVE Steven Segal movies. He's my ultimate Tough Guy. I reckon he could beat up Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude van Damme AND Arnie simutaneously. He's deadlier than the Grim Reaper. Not only that, but Mr Segal (peace be upon him) can truly act. Unlike Keanu Reeves with his mono-grimace, Steve can do TWO expressions, both 'scowl' AND 'smile'.

SS is the greatest artist in history, imo. Some say Leonardo da Vinci deserves that title, but I reckon Steve would (literally) kick Leonardo's butt.

You da Man, Zen. An unerring eye for eye for quality and unimpeachable taste.

Phil said...

An unerring eye for eye for quality and unimpeachable taste.

Oops, forgive my grammatical error. I get all excited and lose control whenever SS is mentioned.

ZenTiger said...

Cool. I'll have to start a post detailing the top martial arts movies. And I've watched more than most. Actually, I'm watching one now. A B-Grade movie with really bad overdubbing - "The Screaming Tiger" on the opening screen and "The Screaming Ninja on the CD label.

It's going to be bad. And I'll watch it anyway.

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