Monday, January 28, 2008

Lucia Incredible!

Hattip: Crusader Rabbit

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KG said...

He's back up here Lucyna, by listing his cellphone number and email details.
It'll be interesting to see what the Electoral Commission makes of that.

KG said...

Who would ever have thought that a Kiwi would have to dodge and duck around just to publish political opinions?

James said...

I love the crack of jackboots on cobbles first thing in the morning....not!

Sittingbull said...

You know I think this is how it actually happens. We havn't really known if it was just paranoia about the beginning of the death of free speech or not, but here we are. Is this really the beginnig of the classic Owellian society? It really is an accumulation of small steps, interesting time and place for political observers. What will happen if Labour form the next government? Anything!

ZenTiger said...

It's simply the requirement to "enforce the law".

In the past, I've blogged about ACC and IRD acting inhumanely, and they say "we have to follow the law. We are forced to do this."

And look at the story on the weekend, charging a family 19K legal aid around their costs for fronting up as victims of the Graeme Burton Murder of their father - and Burton gets all his costs paid by the State.

The fact that politicians and heads of departments allow such injustice to continue until a public outcry disgusts me.

Sittingbull said...

It reinforces the stereotype of politicians.
It goes to show that possibly the most diplorable political act is to make bad law. Bad law as in ambigious and full of loop holes. For this perhaps we should reserve the most disrespect and blame.

dad4justice said...

Klarkism said kill it before it grows . Ministry of Love handbook anybody? No, better than that , it's straight from the new age handbook, published via Eye of Lucifer,Big sister network.

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