Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ZenTiger Six Education

When the state decides to preempt a parents decision on when and how to teach their child sex education, without permission, they are both arrogant and condescending. To teach a class full of kids, they must necessarily view the children not as individuals with different temperaments and levels of maturity, but as simply a mass of "6 year olds" or "12 year olds" to which "one lesson fits all".

They should realise that this approach is more an accommodation due to lack of resources. It's not ideal. Accordingly, they need to be more mindful and respectful of the role the parent would like to play in the education of their children.

And perhaps seek permission from said parents before blundering ahead with their "we know best" attitude. Or are parents irrelevant now?

A PARENT has complained her five-year-old daughter was taught sex education at a school in Hobart and revealed she was assaulted by two boys in her class just after the visit from Family Planning...."That's when she told me that two boys in her class had put their hands down her pants, and she said she bashed them," the mother said. "She said it happened in the dolly corner.

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Lucyna Maria said...

It certainly makes me wonder what the family planning people said to the kids to make that sort of thing happen.

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