Friday, January 11, 2008

ZenTiger Loophole on the EFA

Helen Clark called an emergency cabinet meeting today to discuss a major loophole in the Electoral Finance Act, with a view to pass an amendment under urgency to close the loop.

"It seems that the Exclusive Brethren, and possibly some other religious people have threatened to pray for a change of government.

This potentially swings the massive power of God into an election year, and implicitly gives National an unfair advantage." said Helen Clark at a press conference held on the steps of parliament.

"In advocating for or against a party through prayer, people are exploiting a loophole we did not plan for. It is no longer a level playing field."

"We have no opportunity to counter such an audacious move, as we don't even believe in God, so our counter-prayers would have little credibility with Him." she added.

Analysts reported that the EFA was designed to stop third party advertising and anonymous donations. Lawyers were investigating if any action taken by God could be construed as an act by a foreign power. Furthermore, any Acts of God would have to be clearly identified as such or God would be in breach of the EFA.

The newly appointed Minister of Atheism, Mr Mallard, said Labour were looking at passing an urgent amendment to ban advocacy through prayer, and stopping all forms of divine intervention.

However, when pointed out that if Labour win, it would indeed be seen as a miracle, Annette King suggested that the law of common sense would prevail, and in that situation God's actions would be deemed legal, as per the "moving in mysterious ways" clause.

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Anonymous said...

Zen, not sure about this - I`m not sure how prayer advocacy can have a name and address - and in any case if a being you dont believe exists "moves in mysterious ways" how can he move at all if he doesnt exist?

This just indicates that Labour is misguided in its unbelief of God. They should apply the law of common sense and believe in God. Then they can close the loophole.

Finally, authorisation for electioneering must have a steet address. "God, Heaven" will not cut. Perhaps that needs to be changed via an urgent amendment as well so God can have freedom of speech without breaking the law.

Because breaking the law is sin and God cant sin. Shit, what a crap law this is.

Rick said...

You're getting funnier every day ZT!
Save some sass for the election eh?
Keep it up! :)

MK said...

Good one Zen..

Aurora said...

Very nice, Zen. You had me scratching my head for a minute...LOL Komrade Klark is more likely to burn down the churches in revenge rather than pout that it's not fair. :)

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