Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lucia Why on the front page?

Today's Dominion Post has a full-frontal picture of an idiot in a Borat costume plastered across the top of it. Do the Dom Post editors not think of the children?

My 6 year old, who normally ignores the paper unless he sees a cartoon or a sudoku puzzle, immediately wanted to know why the man was wearing something that "just covered his nuts." So, I had to explain to him that there are some pretty disgusting adults out there that don't have a sense of what they shouldn't wear in public. He agreed, and said that the man looked like he was drunk and on drugs. Or maybe he took drugs and then got drunk - he wasn't sure.

Whatever happened to putting such pictures on page three?

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A. J. Chesswas said...

that is a brilliant response from your 6-year old... i look forward to the day kiwi adults can be as blunt and common-sense as him!!

dad4justice said...

I played rugby for over a quarter of a century and if a freak dressed like this wombat turned up to the game and started cheering I’d probably (as the star captain number 7) demand the engine room participate in some immediate vigorous rucking practice on the moondust space cadet. The kids and girls could watch in awe, some real men at work . Rugby and racing have turned into fashion shows now and the beers always warm and you can’t have a fag inside the cake tin. Didn’t know concrete could burn. The Pink Blacks will be a reality shortly. Got some spare eye liner honey? Hit me with your hand bang – do it slowly - do it quick.

Kids need better role models than titillating idiots hell bent on normalizing debauchery with insane public displays! The morality play is sickening too witness .Police charge a man with two assault charges for flicking his son's ears and we're getting a murder every second day . What a cot case country saturated in madness and political corruption .

Front page news in a sick city newspaper . What a bent country .

Who said New Zealand wasn't a very sick country for children ?

Lucia Maria said...

pdm said (on another thread, but I think this one was the target):

What about the bare breasts beside Borat - or were they plastic.

pdm, I think it was a fake bottom, if you are talking about the top right picture.

Unknown said...

Supposedly you'll keep him away from the beach and all swimming pools as well, in case he spots someone in Speedos. I guess the sooner we all dress like the Amish the better.

dad4justice said...

Christopher - so you think he is a good role model for children ?

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry about the wrong thread -I wondered where my comment had gone.

Have a look at the picture top left under the words NZ! Sevens.

ZenTiger said...

Christopher, it is all about context.

Liberals want some nice universal rule that information out of context represents a distinct unit of "truth", so that it is true irrespective of the context.

Well, it isn't. Society is cohesive because of social context. Break this down, and we suffer for it.

Another way of looking at this is as an example of "freedom without responsibility". If the Rugby was designed as an R18 event, I wouldn't have a problem with lewd behaviour. In this case, people have to work out a way to have fun without needing to be over the top, and save some of these antics for a night club.

Anonymous said...

Speedos are twice the size of that ugly thing. What a freak. I wouldn't want to see that at the beach either, looks to sexually orientated to be acceptable in public...opps, forgot, NZ is run by a freak show.

Lucia Maria said...

Christopher, both of my boys wear the Speedo equivalent when they are swimming. It's been a recent transition for them, going from sun-protective swimming gear that they would use at the beach to something specifically for covered indoor swimming.

But I do find it odd that you consider the Borat costume to be equivalent to Speedos. Even my six year old can tell the difference.

MathewK said...

"Even my six year old can tell the difference."

Even six year olds have more brains that some to the ideological left..

Ok i'll stop now, coming back to the post, they gotta drop that borat gasbag wearing that disgusting thing off in Alabama, they'll shoot the sense into his shameful ass.

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