Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lucia Vatican art exhibition in Auckland cancelled!!!!


I was going to make a special trip up to Auckland just to see the Vatican Art exhibition.
Auckland War Memorial Museum has cancelled its planned Vatican exhibition after key artworks were withdrawn from the travelling display.

The pieces include a copy of Michelangelo's Pieta [pictured] and works by Bernini.

Museum Director Dr Vanda Vitali was not happy with the amended content and believes visitors to the exhibition would have been shortchanged.

Shortchanged! So the solution is no change, then? Surely what would have come would have been worth the visit?

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Andrei said...

There is a heap missing from this story, mostly why were the exhibits withdrawn?

I wish the reporter had delved into this and told us. That has to be shear laziness.

However it seems that museum has made the call that with the exhibits in offer and presumably the costs of running it, it would not be good value for money. I can't find fault with that reasoning.

Perhaps if we knew what was behind the withdrawal we could find a way of rectifying it.

KG said...

What a shame--I'd have travelled to Auckland just to see the works by Bernini.
Andrei's right--there's a lot missing from the story.

Lucia Maria said...

The story is based on a press release, which I'll have to go hunting for. But from memory, it doesn't say much different.

What I would love to know, is what is the amended list of items that was going to be sent over?

Andrei, you may be right on the costs. My husband was talking to someone last night who was asked to be on some finance committee for it, but wasn't interested so recommended a different person. So, he doesn't know what happened beyond theorising that it was a cost issue.

Anonymous said...

Movie props from the forthcoming Angels and Demons movie....?


Rick said...

I'm tight with someone involved in organising the exhibition that shall not be.

She blamed the Itallians.

I can get answers, if you want more.

Lucia Maria said...

Rick, if you can get answers, I'd love to hear them!

Rick said...

No worries.
Leave it with me.

Rick said...

Silent Running blog post

Na ha har. This may be fun.

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