Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ZenTiger Bounty Hunters

What is the punishment for deliberate acts likely to cause serious injury?

It's probably 15 minutes community service, but even if it isn't, we still have to catch the b*stards first. I'm also willing to consider appointing bounty hunters to supplement security services:

in another recent incident a large amount of broken glass was scattered in the paddling pool and underneath the play equipment in the Children’s Playground.

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Andy said...

appalling. But what's almost worse is that if the vandals were caught, the retribution would just be a joke.

Anonymous said...

Oh it must be so much fun to see small children come screaming out of the pool. What soaring intellects and noble humans we are producing today.

Lucia Maria said...

That is just horrible that people would do such a thing. I'd quite happily lock the culprits away for 5 years or more.

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