Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ZenTiger Blogger implicates Key in Power Outages

Moderate Centre-Left Wing Blogger "Dillsy" yesterday published irrefutable proof that John Key and National were directly behind the power outage across Wellington, in a deliberate ploy to embarrass the State Owned Enterprises that provide energy to the country, and by implication, Helen Clark.

Dillsy warned that if National win the election there will be blood on the streets, and medical services will need to be cut to fund National's extreme far right agenda.

"The Reserve Bank have papers that prove that a cut of even FOUR staff in a Public Service of 40,000 will create ripples of funding cuts to education, health, police and justice causing many deaths and untold suffering. I know they have documents proving a tax cut of just 1% more than the thresholds Dr Cullen has announced will be the straw that breaks the camels back, and people will be forced to bleed to death in accident and emergency."

Why wont the Reserve Bank release these papers?", demands moderate centre-left wing blogger Dillsy in his post.

"Because they are neo-con Nazis in the pocket of John Key, and these fascists are only pushing up interest rates to try to unfairly force Labour out of Government for 9 years of perfect rule."

In a damning post, he also linked Key to meeting with a Church group, where he "thanked them" for huge donations marked "Earthquake and Cyclone Appeal", proving the Churches were interfering with matters of the State with the backing of the National Party.

Unfortunately, something like 6 years of carefully collected evidence was lost as Dillsy tried to post the entire article during the outage. A power surge mysteriously blew up his computer's hard disk, and all backups, including what he had written on a dozen toilet rolls he had recently obtained from a mysterious benefactor known only as "The Duck".

Dillsy could only remember a few fragments from his life's work, which went up in a one line post once the Labour Party Servers he ran his blog on had been restored:

"There will be blood on the streets, and people will die in accident and emergency if John Key gets his way."

Other centre-left moderate blogs were rallying behind their pundit yesterday, prepared to make up a whole lot of sh*t about National, "because it's probably true".

With thanks to the DimPost: Toilet humour not worth the paper it's written on

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BigGirlsBlouse said...

I wouldn't put it past national. i heard John wet himself when the lights went out. He was afraid of being attacked by lesbian feminazis posing as cleaners.

ZenTiger said...

Were the voices in your head, or did you visit those moderate centre-left wing blogs?

Barnsley Bill said...

Danyl would have to be the funniest blogger at the moment. He is equally as witty having a crack at either side. I see the newest leftard troll has found it's way here also!

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