Monday, May 19, 2008

ZenTiger Reality Blogging

Decisions, decisions. There are so many posts I want to do, but limited time at the moment. So I'll have to prioritize. But because I'm a bleeding edge blogger** I thought I'd add a touch of reality to the mix.

YOU; MR or MRS, MS or MISS, MASTER or DR (you know the type, the ones that say they have a PhD), and I suppose I can throw in a reference to the androgynous anonymous types although they don't have a title, so just imagine a blank space back there a wee way.

Anyway, YOU get to choose the next post by voting in the little poll I'm running in the side bar. So, enter your votes for the topics I've listed, and if it suits my purposes, I might take note. Oops, I mean that your votes will make a huge impact on the choice of my next topic. Really. Stop looking at my nose.

And for an extra dose of reality, we will also vote off a blogger, and possibly a commenter. Yes, that's right, behind every topic I've assigned a blogger name or commenter name, and your choice might result in them being fired from the blogosphere.

It's big. It's grand. It's beyond freedom of speech, and shows just how powerful the conservative movement has become. Oh yes, this only confirms the paranoid ranting of lefty commenters, who will be quick to fasten on these comments as circumstantial evidence of the VRWC. (Only circumstantial, because the left always read too much into these things).

And don't think you can get out of it, because a non vote counts as a vote. Oh yes, my little stat counter tells me how many visitors we get and where they came from. Even those that use proxy servers cannot escape the net, because the proxy server still registers a no-vote. It's diabolical.

Of course, maybe this whole reality blogging is just a little far fetched. I can't really remove a blogger from the blogosphere can I? That's crazy. This is obviously some weird kind of joke.

Well, just remember, Poneke's blog was on the way out, and then mysteriously came back sans a post. Other blogs have mysteriously disappeared over the years. It's all part of reality blogging.

Bwaaahaaaa haaa haaa.

* I think I was the first ever to do repeat posts, (Yes, posting the same content twice - totally different from plagiarism, which is the typical blogging style) for example. Then there was the time that the title of all my posts were also songs, and the band was named within the post content. I always liked those "name that tune" shows. Is that je ne sais quoi or avant garde or is it some other French words? Je ne sais pas. C'est la vie.

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