Sunday, May 25, 2008

ZenTiger Give the criminals a head start

The Police are so confident of catching dangerous criminals, they have a new policy of giving them a two week head start on the getaway.

"We like to give murderous thugs at least a 2 week head start before we hunt them down like the rabid dogs they are. Often, you let the chain out that much and they might commit the same crime again, doubling our chances to gain a conviction."

"Apparently, the witness and the victim of an attempted murder have the guys license number, so once we track down the victim, we'll be able to get right on to it. We are calling for members of the public who might know the whereabouts of the victim to come forward."

"You may read about their story in the papers, and possibly notice their name and address - if so, give us a call. We'd really like to know, because the criminal might see the same article and take decisive action. Decisive. Action. Once we clear this backlog of traffic duties, and sort out the rosters, we too will take decisive action."

We do actually have a fair idea who did it, so we'll see how far he gets over the next few weeks. Once we get him, we'll have him through the courts before you can say "carbon dating the evidence to the nearest decade."

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A young boy suffering nightmares after being strangled by a stranger more than two weeks ago is still waiting for police and Victim Support to see him....The man only let go when a woman with an injured leg screamed at the attacker, hobbled after him and took the number plate of his car.

Bradley said he was then taken into school and a constable attended, promising to see him again "by Monday"...Sixteen days later, a lack of follow-up has upset Duggan, who is also Bradley's aunt, and Funnell. The couple said they rang police several times but were told the file could not be found, and they would have to wait for the investigating officer to contact them.

"Bradley has suffered nightmares as a result of the assault and is clearly afraid that the perpetrator is going to return at some point to assault him again," he wrote. "He has been asking constantly about what is going on. We look forward to being able to provide him with some answers."

Avondale Sergeant Scott Leonard replied and said the constable dealing with the matter was on days off. He apologised for the delay and said the matter would be dealt with on his return to work....Leonard said police have identified a suspect but have yet to charge him and delays could occur due to shiftwork.

And here's the Justice System hammering us from the other side: Local hero robbed by the State

PS: I'd like to put a more positive spin on this story in defence of our hard working coppers, but based on the news story, I'm struggling. Can anyone out there enlighten me as to why the Police would not immediately arrest some-one seen to be attempting murder or serious assault when they think they know who did it? Does "laying charges" mean (in this case) the person is locked up, but not charged perhaps?

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KG said...

We, the ignorant public simply don't understand policing priorities.
There are motorists travelling at 8 kph over the limit on dry, straight near-empty roads who must be ruthlessly hunted down and fined.In the name of the Great God Safety, of course.
And police officers have cultural awareness courses to attend, leaving the force short of person power. Not to mention chasing down and ruthlessly eliminating smacking parents and kids shooting cans with air rifles.
All vital stuff.

Murray said...


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