Friday, May 9, 2008

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

It's that certain day of the week again. Drop in and leave a comment.

I'm off for some food, but I'll see if I can throw a few topics up later. Until then, welcome to the start of the weekend. What does that mean for you?

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Murray said...

It means getting a powerpoint done tomorow for a floor talk on Sunday and getting an essay in the box on Monday.

That ones done. Even wrote an extra one for the hell of it. Stupid text book was wrong so I corrected it.

ZenTiger said...

A floor talk? What's a floor talk? A board meeting?

Murray said...

Ah so this is what passes for "wit" here then.

scrubone said...

Well, I say we avoid the puns this week. Instead, we had a conversation on names at the dinner table tonight. It's amazing how many interesting combinations you can come up with, especially with hyphenated last names.

Like Smellie-Ramsbottom. Or Launa Mowet.

Rick said...

Gidday from Christchurch.

I just got the net hooked up. Used to belong to the Don't Vote Labour household.

So I've got some blogs to catch up with since I've been away for a few weeks.

Oh, and some uni work to do too I suppose.

ZenTiger said...

Howdy Rick. Hello scrubone. Not sure about the name things. Like Cullen-Recession? Clarke-Lowpoll?

Yep Murray, it's slim pickings this week. Of course, some humour is very relative. Some people are still laughing their heads off at the South Park Bloody Mary episode. Menstruation must be funnier than I realised.

Although honestly, I still don't know what you mean by a floor talk?

ZenTiger said...

Wait-a-minute. My amazing powers of deduction are kicking in as I finally get to sniff around the blogs:

Sunday 1pm, Te Manawa Museum, some street or other, its next to the book place off the square. I dunno, ask a cop if you can find one.

I’m making my play for the most...blah blah blah... presentation of the year award with a one hour talk about catapults, flinging rocks, smashing stuff, throwing arrows 300 meters, stuff like that.
-- More here at Hitting Metal ...

Murray said...

Its a talk given on the floor where the exhibition is.

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