Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ZenTiger The Poll Results

Thanks to the folks who participated in the poll in a weak attempt to influence my next post topic. Except I spent so long waiting for the poll results, I may have inadvertently checked off one or two of the topics early...

Of more interest to bloggers may be that I had placed a name/website behind each voting topic, and it's now time to see who has been voted off the blogopshere. (Yes, the Conservative faction of the VRWC is that powerful.)

And the results are:

It goes "Score", "Blog Topic" and "Site Voted Off". Highest score wins.

07% - Anything Irrelevant - Frog Blog (If only you had known eh?)

07% - Something Satirical - The Standard (Hardly worth the effort)

23% - A rant about Liberals - Hard News (He lives. Hard luck)

30% - A rant about the Left - Young Labour, Pete Hodgson, Russell Fairbrother, Martin Gallagher, Winnie Laban, Brendon Burns, David Cunliffe, Steve Chadwick, Tim Barnett (We have some winners!)

01% - Cullens Budget - Just Left (Both just a little ho-hum?)

11% - Right To Life Issues - No Right Turn (He lives. Irony.)

15% - God and the Universe - Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty (Through on a wing and a prayer)

26% - Blogging and Privacy - Red in Roskill (Maybe we'll just suspend posting)

02% - The Money System - KiwiBlogBlog (They will be beside themselves with relief)

07% - Other - NewZblog (Did I even spell the name right?)

Well, it looks like the "Rant about the left" scrapped in as the winner by just 4%, but luckily, I had all my eggs in one basket and a whole lot of left blogs will be dismissed from the internet today.

And don't think I didn't notice second and third place. I'll get around to posting on all of these topics, but the top three will hopefully get a little more priority.

And now that the VRWC has taken down a bunch of left blogs and web sites, let's see how long they take to fix themselves. Have to be nimble in the technology game.

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Update: Looks like the websites are down already. DPF and No Minister both notice that WhaleOil blogged something strange. A convenient theory to explain what the left all fear. Bwaa haaa haaa haa.

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BigGirlsBlouse said...

I'm really looking forward to reading your rant about the lefties. Can't wait, hope you come up with something original though...

ZenTiger said...

I'll do my best, but lefties have been making the same mistake for years.

What you are actually asking for is to point out a whole set of new faults that we all know about, but haven't bothered pointing out.

What I'll have to do is go to the trouble of explaining why we haven't pointed these faults out. To a righty, it's probably bleeding obvious. To a lefty it might come as a bit of a revelation.

Are you looking for a revelation then ya big girls blouse? Just how tight is your underwear?

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