Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lucia Everyone against abortion raise your hand

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Matthew said...

A brilliant video, and it's so effective against that outdated 1970s lie that babies in the womb just a lump of undefinable cells.

When a baby is born, they don't have the developed intelligence that an adult has, and neither are they as big as an adult is. But tha tdoesn't make them any less human, and alive. But if infanticide should ever happen, God forbid, then that baby would struggle for its life, regardless of how powerless he or she is. That is something that any human being knows from conception - look at the silent scream video to realise this. Humans are different, fundamentally from animals because there are three parts to us - body, mind and spirit, and our spirit is there at conception. For any pro-abortion person so say that the baby doesn't have a spirit is to impose their own beliefs on that baby's existence, and life. They may say that the pro-life person is imposing their beliefs on the mother, but in 98.9% of cases in NZ, this imposition has no bearing on whether they die or not. The other 1.1% do NOT have to result in abortion, which is different to trying to save the lives of both the mother and baby.

Reggie said...

Go here:


For all of those Leftist Kool Aid drinkers who accept the Cresswellian "protoplasm" propaganda.

Click on the individual pictures for the full story.

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