Monday, March 9, 2009

ZenTiger Fritzl's lawyer holidays in Stockholm

I've made my feelings clear on the monster called Fritzl before. Of course, he denied being a monster. After months of trial preparation with his defense attorney, they too are now chanting the "not a monster" insult to any right thinking person.

Mr Myer says Fritzl was not a sex monster, but had loved his daughter in his own way.

Mr Myer needs to be locked in a dungeon for 24 years and repeatedly abused by this guy, so he could get the opportunity to clarify his thinking. It seems he hangs around with the wrong crowd, and is easily led astray. I'd check to see how often this guy holidays in Stockholm. Check his basement after the trial, in case he loves people in his own way too.

"Josef Fritzl is being portrayed as a horrific monster and sexual tyrant," Mayer says. "My job is to show him as a human being."

Shouldn't take long to prove he's not a dog, rodent, or penguin. After that, we can probably have to accept human beings are capable of great evil. Case in point, Fritzl. Right, with you so far.

Next step, fall down and plead guilty on all charges, and beg for mercy in front of the court.

Then again, you could stretch out the trial and leave his family penniless.

Maybe stir up the prosecution by trying to drag in the wife. She must have suspected something? Blame his domineering mother, or better yet - the absent father. (Parents take note - don't marry your daughter off to a boy with a fatherless upbringing and a multi level house. You could get John Key, but you might get Fritzl.)

On another note, Fritzl is becoming poster boy for all sorts of causes.

Unfortunately, not for manufacturers of electric chairs, who have yet to capitalize on a ready-to-be-tapped groundswell of public opinion, but rather other zealots who seek their own monsters.

You might be thinking, for example, that this is hardly the type of story to turn into a comedy. Hubsi Kramer, Austrian Director says you'd be wrong. The play has already sold out, mainly to foreign journalists. Given it supposedly lampoons the media over coverage of Fritzl, I'd say it's a performance piece that has just fulfilled it's purpose. I'd laugh if only it were funny.

And where would society be without the jokes? I'd laugh if only it were funny.

Speaking of funny, a number of anti-Christian blogs use this as proof God does not exist. God could end evil, blah blah blah. Add it to the list guys, and check how you scored when you are dead.

Some theorize that Fritzl is Roman Catholic, and wonder why Catholicism is not blamed for this, because if he were Muslim, they know Islam would be blamed.

Not a bad theory, but I think Islam has already cornered the market on honour killings, female circumcision, stoning people if they are gay, and requiring 4 witnesses to every rape.

Oh, you can add "Not tolerating any other religion", or am I confusing Muslims with Liberals?

Whatever. Point is we can probably leave this one for another stereotype.

How about being Austrian? Here's a blog that does the hard thinking for us:

The question is what is it about Austrian culture, genetics, schooling, and church teachings that generates monsters like Hitler and Mr. Fritzl.

Yep, 59% of Austrians are mad as cut snakes, and 41% are locked in dungeons. But to blame this on Austrians? Aren't Hitler and Fritzl pretty much unique cases?

Hitler and Fritzl are not unique or isolated cases.

Not unique? Given a world wide population of 6 billion? Pedantic sod aren't you? Well, can we use the word "rare" then? There can't be that many like Fritzl.

How many more Fritzls are doing more than what Fritzl got away with?

What, you want a door to door search on all Austrian homes? Any better reason than Fritzl and Hitler?

During WW2 the sexual fetishes of Austrians were vented on the gays, homeless, gypsies and the innocent citizens who happened to be Jewish.

Did some-one mention persecution of the Jews? Ah, but Josef is apparently Jewish. Many anti-zionists have already you-tubed the Star of David found on the dungeon wall, mentioned the Jewish names "Josef" and daughter "Eliza" and, well, proof that he is a zionist.

To complicate matters further, he's recently converted to Buddhism. I guess this makes all Buddhists evil too? Or only ones in this life time?

I suppose this all started because Fritzl admitted to growing up in "Nazi times"? I could see how that could create a degree of insanity in a Jewish Austrian going to a Christian school in the time of Hitler, beaten by a tough disciplinarian mother, and ignored by an absent father.

Well, Fritzl is definitely human. A human that, for whatever reason, has made choices that have made him a monster. Something even a lawyer should understand.

The trial is starting. It would be a good first step on the road back from monsterness to plead guilty to all charges and save his children any further distress.


NZC on Fritzl: The Monster Files

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MathewK said...

"The play has already sold out, mainly to foreign journalists."

Gee, what a shock, i would have been surprised if it wasn't sold out.

The case of this fellow in a way indicates how effed up western society has become. It's like people are fascinated by this POS.

In a just world, there'd be a speedy trial, the odd appeal, then out the back and two in the back of his head and be done with it.

Instead in this sophisticated, progressive (apparently) world of ours, this POS will be tried and waffled around for years and after all that, they'll never kill him off, no way, they'll keep him alive and comfortable for a decade or two until some other POS feels sorry for his worthless skin and decides to give him another chance.

Better the parasite is over in there, at least our taxes won't be subsidizing his disgusting, evil sack of skin.

Libertyscott said...

Austria is an interesting one culturally in one sense, unlike West Germany (I use the "West" deliberately), Austria has never confronted its role in WW2 as part of Nazi Deutschland and the Holocaust. History smoothed over it all, claimed it was "occupied" and was a country of victims, when in all truth most welcomed the Nazis after the Anschluss which was a genuine vote of support for Hitler.

It is a rather odd society, quite different from German and Swiss German in certain ways - far more closed I find.

VNTuongLai said...

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