Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all

Is it really Friday? I have to keep pinching myself as I have just endured more than a week and a half of renovations on our only bathroom, with EVERYTHING being ripped out (except for the floorboards and framing) and then rebuilt.

Just this afternoon I have continued the cleaning out of my pantry and dishes cupboard because my 8yo left the door to it open yesterday morning while the plasterer was sanding down all his work from the previous day in kitchen (there had been a cupboard in that wall, but it was reclaimed by the bathroom). Hence, a coating of fine dust on nearly all the dishes and food items!

There is a lot to be said for indoor toilets after having used a Porta-a-loo for this period. For the first several days I became severely sleep-deprived because I'd wake up in the night, need to go to the loo, try and talk myself out of it, until I was so awake that I'd have to go outside anyway (down the stairs to the lower back garden) and then be unable to fall back to sleep again for an hour or so.

And let's not mention the cat who would yowl at 4am to be let out so that she'd be long gone before the tradesmen arrived.

If anyone has noticed an increased grumpiness level lately, you'll now know why.

But, it's been worth it. When the lino is laid and the tiling is done, I'll post a picture of our work of art .. er, bathroom.

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Madeleine said...

Sometimes life goes at an insane pace. The last couple of weeks have been so flat tack from dusk til the wee hours I wonder how I am going to complete the year.

Juggling home-schooling, studying, supporting Matt and Sherry's studying (editing for Matt, helping Sherry with maths gaps as she has to do maths this year for her Uni program), home including managing two kids with disabilities, the Apologetics organisation I am running, my own business, helping Sherry care for her horse, taxi-ing, blogging - I blog for 3 now, maintaining friend/family relationships and we are looking at taking up a column in print media all whilst recovering from serious injuries, doing my rehab program and living with chronic pain...

Yet when I look at my life there is nothing I can see that I can pull out of it.

Tomorrow I am going to try to relax. I am behind on readings for Uni but I am going to hang up the keyboard and have some family time.

Lucia Maria said...

I think we get used to a increased level of insanity - it just takes a while to adjust and then it seems normal.

Getting RSI from time to time in my right wrist lately (by just doing too much with it) creates a level of pain I really don't like and can't cope with, so, I am in awe of anyone who lives with pain all the time.

A lady that visits me for spiritual direction told me that in the midst of insanity, space can be found and made larger with prayer. I'm such a curmudgeon at times, that I haven't been able to find that space - but, maybe being reminded of it's existence is the important thing.

Madeleine said...

I think sometimes when opporunity to slow down does arrive we are so stuck in flat tack mode that we cannot cope with the concept of standing still so we fill that space.

I find myself doing that all the time - it typically runs 'I've finished all my tasks... I know, I'll go write a blog/tackle some spring clean/fill the freezer with baking...'

KG said...

Good evening, Madeleine and Lucyna.
I can sympathise with the renovations inconvenience, and somehow it's worse when a tradesman's doing it because there's minimal control or input.
We're about to tear off the inside walls of two bedrooms, insert insulation and re-cover with Triboard. (at least with that stuff there's no plaster to sand, and it's extra insulation as well!)
Night shift for both of us in a few hours.

Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, that's me too!

I've just been looking at searches finding our blog today:

*do catholics consider it ok to look at a womans bare breasts
*war of the worlds stage show
*nz conservative
*human breeders
*youtube bill clinton on embryos
*evernote portable download
*evernote portable download *pro abortion slogans
*girls playing rugby
*compact flourescent fire *passion of the christ youtube
*men are more successful than women
*tuhoe split over claims
*latin for kids
*katyn forest movie
*free picture naked news woman in rain
*free picture naked news woman in rain

That's going back to 5am.

Naked news and Girls playing rugby continue to be popular posts that keep being found.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi KG,

My last reply was to Madeleine, just in case anyone is confused.

Are you doing the work yourself, or bringing people in?

KG said...

I'll do it myself Lucyna. It's a really simple job and should only take a couple of days.
Especially if I can talk Gecko into doing the painting..;-)

KG said...

And the total cost should be around $500, compared to $4000 to have foam pumped into the walls.

Lucia Maria said...

I thought you'd do it yourself, KG. You're that type of guy. :)

The good thing about doing it yourself, is that you are more likely to close pantry doors before sanding plaster in the kitchen rather than not worrying about it.

It feels like I've had a hurricane of workmen through my house and now I'm cleaning up the debris.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all. I'll be working tonight, so might only have time for one pun. Food first.

Friday 13th. Actually, I like Fridays and I like the number 13. Yet both are seen by many as unlucky.

Anyway, food then work.

Must not

Barnsley Bill said...

Evening all..... Cooler but still a plague of flies. Two Friday karaokes tonight. The one at the top is a tribute to the death of an old friend and the one below it is a feeble attempt at raising my blog an inch or two above the tabloid end of our little blogzone.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Just got home from a church (presbytery)barbecue to welcome the Moderator (Chief Chuckle) to our little part of the world.

Adolf was the cook, with his tinpot $200 not from the BBQ Factory portable job. Pre-cooked 30 lamb sausages, 30 lamb chops and 30 chicken sausages. Then threw on the Hellaby's rosemary boneless leg of lamb (on special at Foodtown) with garlic cloves inserted into assorted stab wounds. Blasted the heat at it for fifteen minutes then low for 75 minutes. Threw the saussie4s and chops back on for five minutes and, even if I do say so muself, it was a bloody good feed. The trick is never to let the burning fat flame the meat. Took three hours.

Only trouble is, someone decided it was to be a dry show. Three hours cooking usually demands at least a bottle and a half of shiraz.


Good evening everyone.
I think the opera was in response to me bringing the supermarket tabloid to Barnsley Bill.
It's amazing what people say about the ObamaMessiah.
I'm still up North Adolf.
I didn't feel like going down to the ACT conference, so unless I change my mind I will be down in Auckland on Monday as I must be in Thames on Tuesday.
I like the idea of leg of lamb. I will check out Woolies tomorrow and see if they have the same special too.
BB is right about it getting cooler and I am sleeping better , though for no apparant reason, i feel very lethargic today.
I will cook some of the steak I had bought for BB yesterday.

Barnsley Bill said...

Do not break my bbq.

Barnsley Bill said...

And please complete doing the dishes from yesterday!

ZenTiger said...

You can wash paper plates? I better pull my out from the, err, recycling container. Shame to let that semi-dried tomato sauce go to waste anyway.

Madeleine said...

Back from a mini-break. I made Matt cook while I sat on the couch with a glass of wine. Of course this meant we ate dinner at 8pm but it also meant a glass became a few... so all good... until I tipped the last glass all over myself. LOL

I could not get into Americal Idol, kept thinking about the search terms people use to find our blog and how I could turn that into a blog post, so I came back down to see what Matt was doing... answering blog posts...

I set the lap top up so right now we are sitting side by side - he is responding to Mark V on persistent vegetative states and self-awareness arguments on abortion and I am now, having read Lucyna's list of search terms, definately going to write my blog on weird and wonderful search terms that I was ironically contemplating on the couch with said glass (oh ok, glasses) of wine.

Madeleine said...

Admit to worrying I was sounding like a slosh til I read Adolf's bottle and a half of shiraz...

Madeleine said...

The search term we seem to always get coming up, at least the one I keep noticing, is some variant of 'fat christians.'

Maybe I am being sensitive, you know like when you're pregnant suddenly it seems like everyone is.

Maybe I'm not; because I am not imagining these:

'Madeline fat'
'fat pics of Madeleine'
'Madeleine Flannagan fat Christian'
'fat Maddy'
'fat christians'

The variants I was speaking of. If ever I sift through our search terms there are always a few instances.

I used to be thin. Then I got fat. Now I am not. So what.

Maybe I should post some before and after pics and everyone can get over it.

ZenTiger said...

...yeah, that would tend to knock me flat. Unless its those little bottles you get on aircraft flights..nope.

On the other hand, I got the impression you wore as much as you drunk :-)

Oops, just realised I got diverted from my work. Time to crack the whip.


I'm thinking of the environment and the power bill by waiting for the dishwasher to be full before switching it on, asumming I remebre how to.
The frypan and frying pan can wait till morning.

Madelain, never mind Adolf, the biggest boozers in the blogosphere reside in Kerirkeri.
There again, it could be David Farrar judging by the corks he gathers.

Barnsley Bill said...

would that be the dishes from the slap up feed the Canadian gypsies cooked for us YESTERDAY?

Lucia Maria said...

FFM, I think you have to use more power if you wait until the dishwasher is full before you turn it on (are we talking days here?), because then the poor dishwasher needs to work much harder to get encrusted gunk off the dishes. Much better to always turn it on after dinner and again after lunch if it looks like it's not going to make it through dinner time.

Lucia Maria said...

Just a glass of red and two nips of Baileys for me tonight. Plaster dust is still in my system and I don't want it to set or fizz up or whatever it does when it mixes.

Lucia Maria said...


Just remember, those search terms you listed will only come up as hits if you write about the subjects.

Delete all posts to do with any combos you don't like, and all will be well.

No pictures required.

Madeleine said...

I'm not upset about it. I just think it is interesting that people would go to the trouble of googling it and I notice the search terms because they are specific to me as opposed to the topics we write on. I find all the search terms specific to me a little disconcerting but only because strangers want to know more about me and that feels a bit weird.

I actually have a fair bit to say about what it was like being 55kg heavier than I am now and if there is a demand then maybe I should meet it. Plenty of people struggle with their weight, it is something most of us can relate to and is not something to be ashamed of.

Scalia's poll on the hottest blogger peeved me but this doesn't.

There are sometimes some amazingly bizarre things people search for and get hits on our blog that we never wrote on so sometimes I wonder how search engines work.

Anyway, fresh day today and I am not remotely hung over so cannot have overindulged. Must do my readings today no matter how nice a day it is.

I hope nothing 'fizzed' Lucyna - that made me laugh out loud - it sounded like a few drinks were in order with all you have been doing!

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