Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucia Top 10 Christian Political Blogs

M&M have published a list of the top ten Christian blogs in NZ based on February's stats. It's nice to see another Catholic Blog (Being Frank) on that list.

NZ Conservative is number 1, but we have been dropping for a while in the Tumeke stats due to periods of inactivity. Not necessarily a bad thing, as we seem to have our die-hard readers that keep coming back no matter what.

There are at least 100 of you who visit daily, even when this blog is dead quiet. Last week we peaked at 300 unique visitors when things got busy.

Thanks to all our readers that have been visiting over the past two years since we started up in March 2007. We haven't run out of steam yet!

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If you look further afield, say at Archbishop Cranmer, I would say he would be a good model to follow.
I'm not that religious but I enjoy and agree with much of his commentary.
But keep up the good work.
I have always liked this blog.

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, FFM!

Madeleine said...

I have been wanting to include Being Frank for ages as Filia Day is a good friend of mine so I regularly check it out. However, I was kneecapped by my own rules, to make the MandM top 10 you have to be on Tumeke's rankings with something blatently Christian somewhere in your blog description (otherwise I then have to track down Christian blogs and work out whether they are Christians blogs and gather their data and rank them myself - like I have time to do that) but Tim won't rank Being Frank for some reason.

I wanted to make an exception for them but then I would have floodgates. In the end Scrubbone came to the rescue. He began ranking several Christian blogs, including Being Frank, that were not on Tumeke and because his rankings are increasingly popular and some would say utilise a better method than Tumeke's system of rewarding volume and comments I decided to change the rules to include any blog identifiably Christian making either stats list.

I am now working on refining a method to give blogs featuring on only one a fair estimated score given the discrepancy between the two ranking systems. It is quite tricky because I cannot just replicate Tim's formula if a blog does not have public stats as I need their uniques for the month - I have no idea how Tim guestimates it.

PS Happy two years!

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