Friday, March 20, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all

It's Friday again and only 23 more days until Easter. I know this because my 8 year old's math programme demands that we fill in a "meeting strip" every day, and one of the entries is to count down days to something. We've chosen Easter this time, as his birthday has just been. Counting down to his birthday was fun - heaps of excitement there.

I think I'm officially wiped out today. A week of trying to get the homeschooling back on track after a week and a half of major disruption due to renovations has taken it's toll. It's either that, or sitting in the sun for a couple of hours watching the kids at the local outdoor swimming pool.

I am so glad an air conditioner... whoops, heat pump, was part of the renovations. It has cooled down my furnace of a west facing kitchen enormously.

Now for that second cup of tea ...

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Madeleine said...

Tea... mmmm must go make one.

Our homeschooling has been disrupted of late too - managed to keep the reading lessons going but the math has dropped off...

Just found out that the Ministry of Ed lost our homeschooling applications which explains why I had heard nothing. I found out by having a truancy officer contact me - joy!

All sorted though, simple enough to re-submit them.

Scalia said...

Stuff tea, is it too early for wine?

Lucia Maria said...


normally it's not too early for wine, but today I'm a little dehydrated to even want a red yet. I might even move onto the fruit juice next - the cold really hits the spot compared to filtered water from the tap.


A truancy officer! Eeek!

Maths is the one subject I use to get everything else going.

I copied a couple of Latin CDs onto my ipod this morning with a view to being able to play the lessons in the kitchen rather than having to go to the sterio. We've done so little Latin this year, my kids have forgotten half of what they learnt last year!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lucyna, don't be such a girl. Crack open a bottle of shiraz.

Lucia Maria said...

LOL, Adolf!

Now that the sun has almost gone down (it's behind rain clouds), I've done as you suggested. I'm feeling alot better, too.

ZenTiger said...

Avast ye fellow pirates o' the seven spheres.

How ye all ben faring?

Be ye well, or be ye as dry as a barrel of rum 7 hours after coming ashore?

Hey lad, fetch me a pint for my parrot.

Barnsley Bill said...

Evening all, peace and tranquility reigns at Barnsley manor this evening. I am a little blocked for ideas for my Friday karaoke. Last weeks was a feeble attempt at a seven degrees of separation. Perhaps this week we could try theme night. Any suggestions?
And be quick about it because I am desperately trying to find a reason not to go to our local meat market for the evening. "Dating" in your 40's is worse than doing it in your teens! Quiet solitude appeals, especially when my house mate is still away.

mojo said...

Evening all ... I thought the saying went something akin to, "if only I knew then what I do now ... then wow,' BB ... recent certificate of fitness should help.

But then a quiet pint does indeed have its pluses, especially on a Friday night.

Barnsley Bill said...

Actually having a glass of wine this evening, whisky has been under a self imposed verbotten since november and a number of annoying health issues have abated. Funny that.
As is usual when I am drinking on my own on a friday melancholy mixes with nostalgia. So my first offering will be from a group of miserablists from my past.

Oswald Bastable said...

Whisky and soda tonight.

The sweet taste of excise-free whisky distilled in my garage.

Single malt it ain't but the taste compares with a good blend. Quite like a Vat 69.

mojo said...

Aha Os, cheap ... mind you I guess it fits the 'trickle down' theory as much as Key's 'give your tax cut to charity if you're too tight to spend it.' But I guess there are 'trickle downs' and there are 'trickle downs' and one needn't really be any wetter than the other.

(Damn, probably too obscure).

ZenTiger said...

Arg ye scurvey dogs. I'll have none o this tempting talk o whiskey and rum. Me cupboards are bare.

Hang on, except for half a bottle of Jim B. and a full bottle of Bombay.

Arrrrrr. Time to raid the treasure chest.

Madeleine said...

Adolf it is so nice to meet another blogger who likes his Shiraz - Shiraz is my favourite drop too. Am sitting here finishing glass number three... it is Friday LOL!

BB why not use American Idol's themes to run you karaoke to each week - this week it was Michael Jackson.

Lucyna, I really freaked out, especially when the truancy officer had the law wrong and was like a stuck record irregardless of what I said - incredibly frustrating - but once I calmed down and thought about it I realised something had to have gone wrong and sure enough it had so all was sorted.

Zen what is in your treasure chest?

Barnsley Bill said...

melancholy seems to have bubbled to the top of the theme choice again.. But american idol theme is a good idea. Putting aside the fact that all the boys will call me a sissy.

Madeleine said...

Hmmm a difficult charge to avoid if you do go with Michael Jackson...

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