Saturday, May 30, 2009

Andrei A sad legacy of an over feminized society

This probably wont set the cat amongst the pigeons but it should.

A report released yesterday shows the achievement gap between male and female students in New Zealand schools is the higher than for any other OECD country.

The Rector of St Bede's in Christchurch suggests it is the lack of male role models in boys lives that lies at the heart of this. And you can be sure he is not far wrong.

We can start with the breakdown of the family - and ask who gets custody of the Kids in most cases? It is well established that children raised in two parent households do much better in school and later life than those from single parent homes and that this is exacerbated for boys who in most cases will lose their primary male role model.

Our nanny Governments have, over the past thirty years, introduced policy after policy, starting with no fault divorce, to weaken the family unit - to reduce its centrality in our society and relegate it to the periphery - with great success I might add.

A second factor, I might suggest, is the lack of male teachers - particularly in primary school. And after all what male in his right mind would take on that job in todays New Zealand - since "the all men are rapists" brigade succeeded in establishing their meme in the public mind it is downright uncomfortable for many adult males to interact with non biological children and something that is often treated with suspicion.

If you think I am exaggerating recall it was recently revealed that Air New Zealand moved a male passenger on one of its planes because he was seated next to an unaccompanied child.

My son did not have a single male teacher until he started secondary school - an all boys school as it happens. I recall his amazement in his first week of secondary school when a lunch time game of Rugby wasn't promptly stopped but the (male) teacher shouted encouragement to tackle harder. A real culture shock and a pleasant one at that for him.

Another thing about the feminization of education and society is the material taught and the way it is taught.

My son who is now year 12, that would be sixth form for all you antediluvians out there, is studying Physics and Maths. The trouble is these are hard credits in our brave new world and the sad truth is I had to work at getting him to persist with these subjects.

Another subject in his curriculum is media studies - the analysis of movies, magazines and the like. So he gets to watch old Billy T James shows and write essays on how the media perpetuates stereotypes of Polynesian males.

Can you guess which classes he prefers - those made up of hard analytical science or those consisting of spewing out soft propaganda.

The real truth is getting credits for Math and Physics requires far more work than getting them for the more woolly subjects such as media studies, subjects which favor feminine thinking over more masculine thought processes.

I would not be at all surprised if New Zealand's engineers of tomorrow all turn out to be made in China while our locally born boys struggle to figure out why they can't gain meaningful employment with an "achieved" in media studies.

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KG said...

Spot-on Andrei. The feminization of education has done untold damage to several generations of boys--and not just in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Judith Aitken and Jenny Shipley have a lot to answer for.

Seán said...

Yep, pretty much hit the nail on the head there Andrei. Despite the social liberals' agenda ultimately it is the parents that need to take first responsibility so the biggest contributing factor has to be higher divorce rates.

One can blame the govt for making it more acceptable to treat marriage with frivolity but still, that is blame mostly misplaced. The questions must be asked of the couple themselves.

MathewK said...

Well said, i feel that we are only starting to see the effects of leftist stupidity in society. And it's bad enough already. I shudder to think how bad it's going to get.

mzala said...

How does one penetrate the modern mind that operates within the sphere of relativism? "That may be true but I think differently" or the biggie today "you are entitled to your own opinion". Coming from a 'masculanised' society (more dogs than cats), it is at times quite tricky to argue. Emotion rather than logic is almost the order of the day. I find even the news has a different angle to it. PC is quite an effective tool for controlling and styming debate.
There are lots of teenage boys I've noticed that appear to be overtly lost. Society is paying and is going to continue to pay a huge cost. Too many experts, paid way too much who preach a load of bull. Whatever happened to good 'ol common-sense?

KG said...

"Whatever happened to good 'ol common-sense?"
Health and Safety outlawed it Mzala.

mzala said...

Thanx KG. Dont know whether to laugh or cry at that. One thing I do know and it becomes clearer daily is that society needs strong men. Men who value life, family, morals and culture. Are there 10 JUST MEN in our land?

Unfortunately, society favours and approves of the feminised male of today who is totally spineless but nonetheless are in positions of authority.

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