Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucia The Forces of Darkness are gathering

The following article, written by Richard Dawkins and published in the Washington Post is probably the most aggressive so far of all the attacks upon the Roman Catholic Church over the door being opened for Anglicans.
What major institution most deserves the title of greatest force for evil in the world? In a field of stiff competition, the Roman Catholic Church is surely up there among the leaders. The Anglican church has at least a few shreds of decency, traces of kindness and humanity with which Jesus himself might have connected, however tenuously: a generosity of spirit, of respect for women, and of Christ-like compassion for the less fortunate. The Anglican church does not cleave to the dotty idea that a priest, by blessing bread and wine, can transform it literally into a cannibal feast; nor to the nastier idea that possession of testicles is an essential qualification to perform the rite. It does not send its missionaries out to tell deliberate lies to AIDS-weakened Africans, about the alleged ineffectiveness of condoms in protecting against HIV. Whether one agrees with him or not, there is a saintly quality in the Archbishop of Canterbury, a benignity of countenance, a well-meaning sincerity. How does Pope Ratzinger measure up? The comparison is almost embarrassing.

When you are doing the right thing, expect vitriol covered in lies and mis-charaterisations. Damian Thompson thinks that Richard Dawkins's latest attack on the Catholic Church is vicious and crazy. The man needs help. Except, there's probably a great number of Richard Dawkins clones who believe the same things he does. Though why atheists such as he would care if some Anglicans join the Catholic Church makes me think that on both spiritual and physical realms, the Pope's announcement has upset a whole lot of people and rebellious angelic beings.

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Anonymous said...

Dawkins is a complete dick. End of story.

ZenTiger said...

And a force for evil, judging the lies and misrepresentations he makes in the above paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Actually, although I have no doubt about that at all, he also has a book to sell. He did the same thing when trying to sell Climbing Mt Improbable.

Inelegant, uneducated and bigoted.

Dr Dork-ins indeed.

I.M Fletcher said...

This is the same Dawkins who doesn't debate creationists anymore because he always loses. eg, The Huxley Memorial Debate, and a debate with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach which he would like swept under the mat and pretends never happened (although the Rabbi has posted a 2 hour video of the debate).

I.M Fletcher said...

ps, Dawkins makes out that he is on the side of the Archbishop of Canterbury, is embarrassed for him, when in reality Dawkins doesn't like any flavour of religion at all. He makes the claim in his tirade that the Catholic Church is 'poaching' Anglicans, and yet the Pope is actually responding to Anglicans' request to switch - he is being open and generous in his welcoming them into the Church.

The man is unhinged.

Glenn said...
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Glenn said...

I have a theory: If you want serious religious commentators to reconsider a belief they once held, just get Richard Dawkins to announce that he holds it. That should do the trick.

ZenTiger said...

Wouldn't that be the other way around Glenn?

I don't care what Richard Dawkins believes, I'm just not impressed with his logic, especially when he seems to think that his opinion justifies unwarranted vilification of Christians.

On the other hand, I suspect any opinion offered by a Religious commentator would be greeted with default suspicion by Dawkins.

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