Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lucia Gay panic causes suicide

The Dominion Post has a small article in today's paper on page A6 titled "Fear of rape 'led to prison death'. They could have just as easily used my blog post title, but I suppose drawing attention to the homosexual nature of the rape feared is a big no, no in New Zealand.
A prisoner who was raped by another inmate killed himself after learning that his attacker was being brought back to the same jail, prison sources say.

Maybe there's something to that "gay panic" myth after all?

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Hannah said...

Do you really think he was afraid of his attacker because of the homosexual nature of the attack?

Do you think he would have been afraid if he had been attacked in a non-sexual way - say, with a knife?

Do you think a woman would be afraid of her male (thus heterosexual) rapist?


Lucia Maria said...


The man killed himself.

It says it all, really.

KG said...

"Do you really think he was afraid of his attacker because of the homosexual nature of the attack?"

To most people with two functioning neurones, killing himself to avoid a repeat would seem to indicate so.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, clearly the inmate killed himself because he was afraid of a repeat sodomising.

Would he have been afraid enough of a physical beating or stabbing to kill himself? Evidence suggests not - I can think of only 1 prisoner (Antonie Dixon) who has topped themselves recently, despite frequent inmate attacks. And Dixon suffered depression and was possibly barking mad...

Of course, we cannot know if this inmate would have killed himself at the prospect of a repeat rape by a woman (guard, say) because that didn't happen, and would be very rare.

So all we have is that the nature of a gay sexual attack seems to have pushed 1 person over the edge into suicide. Does heterosexual rape? Sometimes, but not that often it seems, despite the horrific nature of rape. It would appear sodomy was considered worse, at least by this inmate.

Psycho Milt said...

In what sense does prison rape have anything remotely to do with gays?

Redbaiter said...

"In what sense does prison rape have anything remotely to do with gays?"

In the sense that it is a homosexual act you pain in the arse (NPI) loser.

Psycho Milt said...

So if I do a haka it'll make me a Maori? You seem to have a very low standard for definitions, RB - not that I find that surprising.

Anonymous said...


Yes, rape is a heterosexual violation as well. And both homosexual and heterosexual rape are acts of violent power, in which the real intent is to degrade, humiliate and overwhelm the victim into doing exactly what you want them to.

Acts of rape upon woman by men are horrific. I suspect acts of rape upon woman by woman are even worse for the victim. The same is true for men.

In male prison, you can be beaten up for being an opposing gang member. But if you get raped by another inmate you enter the lowest rung of being too weak to fight back - you are then fair game for anyone. The greatest humiliation is to have a homosexual act inflicted upon you.
That is the link. From what I have read, if Maxwell was beaten up, he may have been able to cope with that. But the prospect of becoming Dean Noble's bitch again was too much.

IMO Noble is deserving of the death penalty and I think Maxwell's family should be allowed to push the syringe. And he is only the start - I have visited prison many times and guys like Noble are pure evil.

KG said...

"So if I do a haka it'll make me a Maori? "
Well, singing from the socialist hymn-book has made you a contemptible lefty, so why not give it a go?

Max said...

What about that "heterosexual panic" when women are scared of their male rapists?

What nonsense! You are merely projecting your own insecurities, fears, and prejudices.

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