Saturday, October 10, 2009

ZenTiger The Obama Speeches sure deliver

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Obama

Obama, after 37 weeks as President has picked up the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obviously, the Nobel Committee has taken into account the 12 months of campaign speeches prior to this to provide the basis for this award.

The criteria for winning a Peace Prize seems to be merely pretty speeches, or making an award winning movie.

I therefore have no chance to win this prize. I'm speechless and out of film.

Oh, congratulations Obama.

PS: Gee, I really thought Ahmadinjad would have scooped this prize for his drive to bring peace to the middle east and clear up slight errors of historical fact. Or perhaps Kim Jong-il had a shot given his efforts to revolutionize long range communications and experiment with more efficient forms of energy? Maybe next year.

Adam at the Inquiring Mind has also seen this: Is it April?

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libertyscott said...

Will he win the Nobel prize for literature too?

Andrei said...

I guess Obama has always had quite a lot in common with Yassir Arafat - he's got even more now.

Anonymous said...

The Nobel is fast becoming a joke.
The Obama win adds further evidence to what a lot of scientists already think; the process needs to be more openly seen, instead of hidden away.

KG said...

Hmm...I blogged somewhat less charitably on this farce.

ZenTiger said...

I was relying on you to read between the lines kg :-)

I.M Fletcher said...

The Nobel became a joke after Gore won it for An Inconvenient Truth. A Convenient Lie, more like.

As I said on Kiwiblog, I saw that movie 'Hackers' on TV last week. In it, Angelina Jolie's character is making out with a guy on a motorbike called Curtis. Our hero, Dade, asks another hacker Freak who Curtis is -

Dade: Who is that?
Freak: Oh, that's Curtis.
Dade: and what does he do?
Freak: You're looking at it. Curtis just looks slick all day.

Obama looks slick too, and he reads a prepared speech well from a teleprompter. But he's win the Nobel prize?

scrubone said...

Literature? Why restrict oneself? What about chemistry, physics and heck, invent a few more just to further award this shining example of humanity.

Hum, comment by wife just reminded me how Helen got an award for climate change in spite of doing worse that GWB.

Sean said...

FFM hasn't posted in while...I can only assume he is stunned silent or popped a vein by the shock. He'll be right soon and will have a field day.

In the NZ Herald there is this piece from The Independant that is clearly an opinion piece masquerading as fact in the World section:
Did Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? (note the 'article' title is misleading because the answer to the writer is 'yes', and even for me who preferred Obama over McCain last November, some of the later paragraphs are slightly vomit-inducing).

Anonymous said...

And to think, the Nobel committee refused to give Pope John Paul II the peace prize years ago. Maybe the Committee is actually the last bastion of the liberal Swedish bigot and communist party?

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