Thursday, October 22, 2009

Andrei Redefining Sin

Mankind is a fallen creature as a quick glance at the headlines of any newspaper will quickly confirm.

And sober reflection on my life reveals my fallen nature and I strongly doubt that you gentle reader are any different.

Now none of us like to have our imperfections pointed out and it seems to the unenlightened that is what the Church does, look for peoples flaws and threaten damnation to those who fail to fix them. Under that scenario of course we would all be damned and we are not. As every Christian knows salvation is possible but achieving it is a life long process, with many many stumbles along the way.

What we all would like of course is to be told our sins, whatever they may be, are not sins and we can do whatever pleases us whenever we like. Now the fashionable sins of our age are sexual ones and the ethos of our age is if if feels good it must be good so do it and ergo it is not sin.

Some elements of the Church have gone along with this. And those of us who haven't are more than likely to be labeled bigots for standing fast to the age old teachings of the Church.

But the neither the Good Lord, nor his Church are fun killers, the reason why something is considered sinful is because it is harmful to primarily ourselves and usually to others besides.

Another thing that many fail to grasp about Christianity is that the Church teaches that we all have free will, you can accept the teachings of the Church or not as you choose. There will be consequences arising from your choices, sooner or later as it is with all things but it is you choose to do them or not as you please. The Church isn't going to stop you. It is going to advise you on what is good and profitable for your soul and body not stop you. You can take heed or not at your own peril.

And here is where liberals have lost their way entirely - they want the Church to stop teaching that sexual sin, in particular, is wrong. But despite liberals wanting open slather on sexuality the negatives remain - STDs, "unplanned pregnancies", divorce, along with the hurt and pain that causes to the innocent. And the Church resiling from its position on these matters will not eliminate the negatives not even reduce them one whit.

Those elements of the Church that have gone along with the liberal ethos are in disarray, their soothing words are empty - it may be possible to please the liberal elite but the consequences of sexual sin remain regardless. And those consequences are human unhappiness one way or another, regardless of how anybody might like to wish it to be.

And human unhappiness is not pleasing to the Our Lord of that I can assure you.

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear; well writ Andrei, well writ indeed.

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