Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lucia Tony Blair most likely to become EU President

Tony Blair is apparently a shoe-in for the presidency of the EU, the only catch being that the Irish have to vote YES on the Lisbon Treaty.

If once you don't succeed, try, try again! The EU has taken that ancient saying to heart, for having the Irish already vote NO on the Lisbon Treaty already, hasn't stopped the EU from repeating the whole process until success.

I don't know what the likelihood for the YES vote gaining traction in Ireland, for a big part of the original NO vote was attributed to a fear on imposed abortion on demand if the country took on the Lisbon Treaty.

But all of that is background to what I really wanted to say in this post.

Tony Blair, when he left office as Prime Minister of Britain, took the opportunity to convert to Catholicism. Something he had apparently been practising for 25 years with his Catholic wife and children.

Rather than jumping up and down with glee that we got another world leader, many observant, politically astute Catholics were dismayed. I chose to say very little on this blog about it, as I was hoping for the best as one should when a person converts.

But very quickly, Tony Blair showed that he had not really converted, he had just taken on the identity of his family. Publicly, he and his wife have spent much of the intervening time criticising the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope, almost as if by political pressure alone they hoped to form Catholicism into their own image. Unfortunately, they are not alone in believing they can do this - you only have to look at NZ to find many Catholics who act the same way.

In Tony Blair's time as Prime Minister of Britain, he could easily be named the "principal architect of the culture of death", as pro-life advocates describe him. As such, and as he has never publicly repudiated any of the death policies he enacted while Prime Minister, his conversion to Catholicism was an absolute scandal.
The virulently pro-abortion and anti-family Tony Blair has been described by British pro-life advocates as the "principal architect of the culture of death" during his ten-year rule as Labour Prime Minister. Blair oversaw the expansion of abortion and the positioning of Britain as the most permissive country in the western world on experimentation using living human embryos. He is regarded by the country's homosexualist activists as their primary ally in the cause to create legal same-sex "civil unions" with most of the rights and recognition of natural marriage and the right to adopt children.

And now Tony Blair, openly identifying as a Catholic, will be in a position as President of the EU to impose pro-death policies on the member countries. People will look at him, wonder about his religion and if it actually means anything, and it will reflect very badly on us.

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Luc Hansen said...

How does one IMPOSE abortion on demand.

Surely you mean PERMIT.

ZenTiger said...

No, I think impose.

Some EU members are pressured into adopting policies against their will. In other words, an individual nations sovereignty is over-ridden and forced to adopt policies they believe immoral.

ZenTiger said...

The link provided appears to endorse my point:

Zaborska said, "If the Lisbon Treaty is passed the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which is part of the Treaty will become legally binding, will have primacy and will confer extensive rights to the European Court of Justice.

"Whenever there will be a discord between the Lisbon Treaty and national laws or constitutions, the EU Court in Luxemburg will decide. Recent rulings show that the EU Court of Justice is more likely to take a stand in favour of the EU legislation. Who will protect the national legislation?"

She notes that under the current treaties, the Slovak government was told by the EU in 2005, that it could not sign an "objection of conscience related to our Concordat."

"The EU Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights (which at this time belongs to the EU Commission) declared that any provisions on objection of conscience would not be compatible with EU legislation!"

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