Friday, October 9, 2009

Andrei The pills cultural consequences

Get this theory - according to this article in the mail the contraceptive pill has turned women off of masculine men.

I don't know if this particular theory is correct or not, probably not in my view, but it is clear that over the past forty years our society has become overly feminized.

But this story in the Guardian points to a real cultural consequence arising from the use of the pill by western women and the feminization of the west.

And if that doesn't worry you, it should.

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I.M Fletcher said...
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I.M Fletcher said...

I was listening to the TV the other day and they were talking about the rates of breast cancer in NZ (which I can't remember now - but it seemed very high to me). I mentioned this to my mother when I talked to her later on in the day (how surprisingly high it was and why so many women should get sick) and she said that in her day they didn't have the Pill.

Apparently, the Mayo clinic has been doing a study which says there is a connection -

A new study from the Mayo Clinic has concluded that there is "a measurable and statistically significant" connection between the pill and pre-menopausal breast cancer, re-enforcing the recent classification of oral contraceptives as Type 1 carcinogens.

That ruling from the International Agency for Cancer Research was supported by the report published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings this month that comes even as Breast Cancer Awareness Month is being highlighted by pink ribbons, pink soup cans and other promotional devices.

However, the study that found that the risk association was 44 percent over baseline among women who had been pregnant who took oral contraceptives prior to their first pregnancy has been, to a large degree, ignored by many media organizations.

The report, "Oral Contraceptive use as a Risk Factor for Pre-menopausal Breast Cancer: A Meta-analysis," was authored by Dr. Chris Kahlenborn of the Altoona, Pa., Hospital's internal medicine department and others.

Kahlenborn said the results mean that, following standards of informed consent, "women must be apprised of the potential risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer prior to commencing drug use."

The study, which is available online through the Mayo Clinic or at the Polycarp Research Institute, is a meta-analysis of that sometimes-fatal link.

Dr. Kahlenborn focused on the younger, pre-menopausal women who had been on the pill before having their first child. He found 21 of 23 studies showed a connection between the pill and cancer, something that certainly should be alarming women.

One quote stands out for me -

incidence rates "have remained stubbornly high … a woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer was one in 22 in the 1940s, but by 2004, it was one in seven."

Well, we must be doing something different for the risk to go up by that much. Feminists trumpet the freedom they get from taking the Pill, but it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Anonymous said...

I think the study reflects a genuine trend - real blokes are so out of favour in NZ, sadly. Dial back a few decades on your telly, and you had Tom Selleck and David Hasselhof replete with hairy chests - now you have Jason Gunn everywhere ;)

Ever notice the female fashionistas keep inventing terms for their new 'brand' of bloke? Metrosexual, retrosexual, etc. All part of redefining the bloke in their terms, which inevitably involves more oestrogen and less testosterone. Despite talk of wanting 'real men', most NZ women are not so keen when they discover such blokes are covered in mud, sheep guano, and sweat (and that's just from mowing the lawns ;) ).

Oh, and IM Fletcher - yes, I think several studies have shown a positive correlation between breast cancer and the Pill, but of course an increase in cancer rates over time may be down to increased industrial pollution, or some other such cause.

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