Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fletch Pope Makes Offer To Accept Anglicans Into Catholic Church

It seems that the Pope has made an offer of full communion in the Catholic Church to Anglicans, many of whom do not like the ordination of women or homosexuals. According to one report, a group of 400,000 Anglicans looks likely to shift right now -
400,000 Anglicans to Accept Pope Benedict's Offer

After Benedict XVI made one of the most startling moves since the reformation, 400,000 members of the Anglican church who are in schism over the ordination of homosexuals seek to accept the pope's offer of full communion with the roman church.

Archbishop John Hepworth, the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, said he would ask the members of his group to immediately accept the pope's offer. Anglican's will retain some of their identity under the pope's offer.

In 1992, when the Church of England first accepted the ordination of women, 440 clergymen left the church, many fear the offer of a new home will encourage many of the 77 million members to leave the Church of England for the new Synod
It is also reported that this will include Anglican priests becoming Catholic priests.
You can read the Vatican release HERE. This is a really HUGE step. Another report HERE from Bloomberg news site.

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Lucia Maria said...

Formatting fixed.

Lucia Maria said...

It looks like it going to have wider ramifications that just the TAC. There's an interesting thread on Being Frank starting from this comment that goes into more detail.

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