Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ZenTiger Is Global Warming Theory Cooling?

There does seem to be scatterings of fresh data making it into the papers showing that the vaunted Global Warming models might not be correct. At the least, we might get a better discussion than simple "consensus" statements that preclude such unscientific thoughts as debating the data, the models, the methodology and so forth.

All beyond me, so I continue to focus on the response to AGW in terms of what taxes and financial controls are being suggested to manage the weather. Here's a report that discusses both of these topics:

This week, the doomsters were embarrassed to learn, once again, that the planet was not in grave peril. Antarctica, their greatest candidate for catastrophe, was not melting at an ever-faster rate, according to a report in Geophysical Research Letters, but at the slowest rate in 30 years....The red faces aren’t all caused by Nature’s refusal to cooperate in Earth’s demise. The clean carbon folks have recently discovered that they’ve been in bed with organized crime. Scotland Yard and Europol, among numerous other law enforcement agencies across Europe, are hot on the trail of scam artists believed to have made off with £1-billion by illicitly trading carbon credits....

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Meanwhile, here is a recent NASA You-Tube Clip showing receding ice and declining permafrost. It seems to say the opposite of the report above. It will be interesting to review this in a year and see what the latest data sets show. Things seem to be moving fast.

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Ozy Mandias said...

Environmentalism is the vogue religion. What will happen if it all comes crashing down???

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