Friday, October 9, 2009

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

The last Friday of the school holidays. I took this week off from work, so I could work on other things. However, the weather and my motivation were not conducive for completing anything of any scale. Some new blinds hung up, the lawns mowed, and the purchase of an electric sander called "The Mouse". Now that is a name for a sander! At this point I'm supposed to mention it's a Black and Decker. Blogging is all about product placement. Note how I've pumped the product but not commented on how good it is? Well, geez, it's not even out of the box yet. And I'm holding back until Black & Decker contact me and offer to donate money to my favourite charity for a favourable review...not that I can be bought like that. I wonder what their power saw is like?

On the radio, the Greens are selling the house involved in the "double dipping" scandal. Apparently, recycling the homes is the Green way for hiding evidence. This move comes to remove any perception that they are guilty of anything. That is of course why they feel obliged to sell the house. "We made a mistake and now we will over-react". Or will they? I wonder who will buy the house, and for how much money?

Actually, the Greens have called it double-dipping. It was triple dipping. Paying double the rent, funded by Parliamentary Service into a Green's Trust Account managing their Superannuation scheme. Fantastic. They say this is entirely different than Bill English, because he only formed his trust account this year, whereas they've had a trust account for 12 years. In 12 years, Bill's trust will be as ethical I suppose?

Yet another occasion the Greens show Red. This time, it's a faint blush of embarrassment.

The Greens are taking a gamble that the other parties are much worse, and calling for a review of the rules. I suspect they will be right. If the review is wide and deep enough, many snouts will be exposed at the trough. It's one of their better ideas. I'd vote for it. [More here on the Green Property Sell-Off]

Good evening one and all.

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PM of NZ said...

The Green card? Snap! Exactly my sentiments, thieving sods.

ZenTiger said...

And the sad thing is it is probably all legal.

ZenTiger said...

Must be time for the Friday Joke.

A man walks into a bar. It hurt.

A skeleton walks into the bar. Orders a beer and a mop.

A baby seal walks into a bar. Bartender says "the clubs next door"

ZenTiger said...

A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says “Hey, we have a drink named after you!”

The grasshopper asks “You have a drink named Seymour?”

ZenTiger said...

Instead of waiting for comments I went and watched a movie.

Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, Terrance Stamp, Eddie Izzard and others.

It was good, although very tense because I knew the ending and so all of the suspense was with the knowledge the whole affair was doomed.

Redbaiter said...

I dunno why you don't have a chat room to open on Friday night. This conversations by blog is a crazy idea.

ZenTiger said...

A chat room is so nineties. The blog approach has a whole "slo-mo kind of new-director technique in an action film like the matrix" style to it. It's artistic :-)

and if that pitch fails to impress, at least we don't twitter the whole thing!

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