Saturday, October 9, 2010

ZenTiger Blogging Ethics

Wellington City Councilor Rob Goulden turned his hand to blogging to help raise his profile, and tell us a little more about himself. It worked, we now know he isn't strong on matters of ethics and morality.

Apparently, he sees nothing wrong with posting comments under multiple identities praising himself, or making over-the-top accusations against himself. Well, he's wrong, and I trust I don't need to explain why. Anyway, don't take my word for it, lets look at a range of opinions I've canvassed:

ZT: "Definitely wrong Rob"
Zen: "Wrong, wrong, wrong Rob".
Kerry: "It was wrong to use my name, Rob. But you are still a great guy providing you voted for me."
James: "I'm not feeling myself Rob after you stole my name. Just don't do it again, OK Rob."
Banksie: "Bad luck Rob. Comes up to Auckland and run with me. What a team we could be, Rob - Banks".
Anon: "What you've done is unethical Rob, and that's a statement I don't mind putting my name to."
Rock: "What's with the gay jokes Rob? I hope that's your last tango, bud."

They all agree with me, Rob. Why is that? Because I'm right on this one. I suggest you rethink your line of reasoning on this issue.

One, consistent handle. It's basic blogging ethics.

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A snippet from the article, for posterity:

Wellington city councillor Rob Goulden used fake internet identities to issue a homophobic insult, personal attacks, and push his message that he's a good, hard-working bloke.

But Mr Goulden – who is seeking re-election to the council in the local body elections, which close at noon today – said he had used pseudonymity like other bloggers and had done nothing wrong.

A comment on the WCC Watch blog was tagged as being by "James" but came directly from Mr Goulden's Gmail account. "Johnny has attacked so many candiudates [sic] he and Rock Hudson now both have somethig [sic] in common. They have both been punched around the ring a bit to [sic] much."

Hollywood actor Rock Hudson was gay. He died of Aids in 1985.


Another of Mr Goulden's postings as "James" put it this way: "I think you should contact Rob and apologise to him. He obviuosly [sic] offended by the conclusion you drew as to how hard he works by just publishing these figures as the only measure of his workload. I am sure that he works a lot harder than that. In fact, I know he does".

Yet another was labelled as coming from "Kerry" – as in Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast. "I am very concerned about your comments Johnny. Rob is a nice guy."


"I am not going to sit by and let anonymous bloggers write what they like on that website," Mr Goulden said. "I don't think I've done anything wrong. I was having a bit of fun with those guys."

He first posted messages under his Christian name, but bloggers asked if it was the real Rob.

"I thought OK, if they're going to make smartarse remarks, I'll just go under another name ... That's not deceitful or anything else. You are allowed to do that [on websites] and everybody does."

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Andrei said...

looks like it didn't work out for him anyway.

How sad!

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