Saturday, October 16, 2010

ZenTiger Here's your bill, excluding GST

I love the idea of publishing where our tax payer dollars go in the form of a receipt, much like what is suggested here: Tax Payer Receipt

We do get access to departmental expenditure, like your local Council's Annual Plan and Corporate Style Annual Reports, but I've never seen an "across government" view of expenditure. It's a good start. However, it doesn't go far enough. For one thing, I'd love to see a list of NGO's that are funded by tax payer dollars. I'd like to see different levels of detail, each total hyper-linking to a second level of detail, then to a third level of detail and so on.

I got this link from the Dim Post. I note some good points in the comments there, like it not accurately representing other taxation sources (business taxes, levies, ACC costs etc) and that there's a couple of grand in incidentals that aren't really mentioned. I suspect some of the costs are also misstated. Like the costs for paying elected representatives. Do those costs represent the huge superannuation costs, lifetime travel subsidies (or US equivalent perks) and the support staff and rentals? I wonder. I am also amazed at the relative cost for tax collection. I reiterate calls for a very real overhaul of the taxation system. It's very broken in the USA but I'm sure we could benefit here just as much.

I also note erroneous comments from Jordan: Interesting – wonder why this is a left-wing idea only?. Wrong. Please adjust your data perception filters.

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