Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Andrei A good reason why I wont buy a Toyota

Their New Zealand CEO, Alistair Davis, is an idiot - he thinks we should be paying more for petrol.

He claims it will save the planet or something. What a load of bollocks.

Of course his real motivation is flick off their boring silly little cars.
"But there obviously is a tipping point. For example, when the price of 91 octane petrol went past $2 a litre, it kick-started a trend that saw many motorists downsizing their vehicles," he said in an interview with the Taranaki Daily News.

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Anonymous said...

So you'll be buying a Suzuki then?

I do think his maths is a bit flawed though.

Ciaron said...

Had a car dealer tell me today that Toyota was behind the new import age restrictions, so you can blame Toyota for new imports being north of 10k

Canterbury Atheists said...

Toyota is the worlds largest marque, their cars are reknown for reliability and innovation. The latest Austin Martin has a Toyota engine. Even I want to praise your god Yahweh that New Zealanders are lucky to now get access to affordable and reliable cars from Japan and not longer have to endure the shit-heaps we had from England and the gas-guzzling GM’s and Fords. This country would be stuffed and grind to a halt without Toyotas, Mazda, Mityzys etc. By the way if Toyota’s are boring then what are Fords? Design legends? Toyota also manages to make money – unlike say GM who are owned by the American taxpayer – which speaks volumes of the standing of their cars in the global market-place. Google ‘Time Magazines 50 Worst Cars’ of all time and see how many Japanese Cars make it on their list? None!

Love live Toyota.


Ciaron said...

Paul, examples of Ford brilliance.






Canterbury Atheists said...

Sorry Ciaron are you seriously suggesting Ford make better cars than Toyota?

I am well aware Ford do indeed make good cars, but they also make a lot of dross & impractical vehicles at the same time e.g. Explorer. That’s partly why Hyundai now sell more cars than them.

Four of the top 10 car makers in the world are Japanese and the average motorist/consumer around the globe know they are value for money and superior than the competition.

So these “silly little” cars are here to stay – unlike say the British car industry or even the loss making American manufacturers who bludge off the U.S taxpayer to stay afloat.

Gotta shoot.


Ciaron said...

I'm suggesting those cars ARE Design Legends.

If you're suggesting you'd rather drive a Prius or a Vitz over any one of the cars stated above, then you seriously need to surrender your man-card.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Well boo-hoo I must be effeminate because I like Japanese cars, play football and not a big-man like you - who dives a Falcon and plays rugby.

Wake-up to the reality Ciaron - the reason why even Hyundai now sell way more cars than Ford is they make “better” cars. They make more “efficient” cars. Even Austin Martin used Toyota to design their latest car (google: Cygnet)

The American Car industry is heading down-the-tubes just like the British did in the 70’s and 80’s and good riddance I say. The list of legendary U.S manufacturers of so-called self prescribed stylish cars who have already gone defunct includes: Pontiac, Studebaker, Nash etc. Hopefully The U.S Treasury pulls the plug on GM and they go down the dunny and join them. Not a moment too soon. Car Companies don’t survive on styling alone – they need to make efficient cars people who are not xenophobic want. There are only so many Nebraska wheat farmers.

Psycho Milt said...

Wake-up to the reality Ciaron... to people like Paul, cars are whiteware with wheels. The idea that a particular car might be desirable for more than its usefulness as a domestic appliance is beyond them.

Ciaron said...

Milt, we've had our differences but I'm not afraid to say I couldn't agree with you more on this one.

I do find it rather delicious that Paul talks about affordable cars, when it was Henry Ford who invented the concept :)

Canterbury Atheists said...

Let the market rule. Let the consumer choose. Both these mechanisms of the free enterprise system say conclusively on a global scale 'Japanese Cars Rule!'

Your beloved Ford needed tax breaks to survive and every car it makes in the U.S has debt service payments of USD 300 per vehicle such is their dire financial situation. GM and Chrysler survive on Stalinist like Government hand-outs to exist.

None of these U.S Car makers can compete in a global market because their product is overall, in one word: INFERIOR. New Zealand motorists and consumers also consider U.S Cars to be: INFERIOR. That’s why there are heaps more of Japanese Cars now on our roads.

The largest selling Cars in America are The Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima. Even American consumers see their own cars as INFERIOR.

The global consumer and market forces will slowly kill-off The American Car industry and I for one won’t be shedding a tear.

Ciaron said...

yep; white ware on wheels...

ooh, whats this? 5.4 million cars recalled this year & 10 million last year.

quality engineering, that is.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Paul needs to see (or read) White With Wire Wheels by Jack Hibberd.

Its 40 years old, but still relevant to a certain style of male.

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