Monday, October 25, 2010

Andrei Clueless

Churches contribute to gay suicides, most Americans believe

That's the CNN headline based upon a survey from Public Religion Research Institute. They do not publish their methodology but the survey is here

A quote
Gay rights campaigner Dan Savage said the idea that churches send out an anti-gay message "totally jibes with my experience and that of millions of other gay and lesbian people."


In my experience the Church doesn't talk about homosexuality at all - it talks about sin and assumes correctly that all are sinners in one way or another.

And the Church talks about overcoming sin and redemption.

The Church talks about trying to live a Godly life and the struggles that that entails because it doesn't come easy.

And the Church tells us to examine our own sin and not to judge others.

Is it that the activists are so self centered and absorbed that they want the Church to be all about them and when it doesn't conform to their wishes and desires they portray this as hostility toward them?

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sounds about right.

Maybe they'd get on a bit better down at the friendly neighborhood mosque.

ZenTiger said...

In the same survey, 62% of people thought churches also contributed to higher standards of morality too, and most of the others weren't sure one way or the other.

I would expect only deeply religious people who are gay to be influenced by whatever their particular Church says, and if they listen carefully, what they are saying should not generate suicidal thoughts.

I think asking those that are gay and suicidal might yield more interesting answers than this simplistic survey.

Ackers said...

And mainstream churches embrace homosexuals?

They don't talk about homosexuality but talk about overcoming 'sin'.

Oh I get it, I'm a sinner and I must overcome my sin!

And the way to do that is to stop fucking men?

Any other suggestions Andrei?

Stephen Fry nails it here.

But hey, let's not let a man of grace, dignity and above all intelligence rain on your sorry wee parade.

Lucia Maria said...

No one said it is easy, Ackers. But things that appear impossible are doable with the help of Jesus.

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