Monday, October 11, 2010

ZenTiger Sustainability hits the ceiling

We don't need the AGW scare mongering to understand that reducing energy consumption is a good thing, and part of sensible and sustainable living. I get annoyed with the one off yearly feel good "raise awareness" activities like switching lights off for an hour, that do little more than make school children think they are saving the planet.

Here's something simple that might have a measurable impact on ones power bill, assuming that one uses an air conditioning unit in the summer rather than open the windows...paint the roof white, or even better, use roofing materials designed to reflect the sun's heat and minimise house cooling requirements. Apparently, it makes little difference to the house in the winter months.

My roof is up for replacement in the next few years, and I installed a heat pump (known as an air conditioner in the summer) and this could save some big bucks off my power bill.

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