Friday, October 1, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

There was sun today! And I'm still not used to daylight savings, though I am enjoying the extra light. One more week of school holidays left...

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Andrei said...

By hokey it's quiet here tonight!

A damp cat has just returned and is dry herself upon mt knee.

Question: why do wet cats think they are cuddlesome?

I.M Fletcher said...

LOL @ yr cat. I think they care more about getting themselves warm and comfortable.

I note that Police have released a statement saying they have found Carmen Thomas.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Andrei and Fletch,

It is quiet.

I hope your cat is dry now, Andrei.

I've got female cat problems. Our youngest cat is trying to be the dominant female and is trying to fight/scare off one of the older females who just doesn't like her. We've had to separate their territories with moving the older one (who is not a people cat) downstairs into the laundry. A couple of days ago we found a claw in the younger cat's head. I think the cats are going to drive me mad!


Dear Lucia Maria, Fletch and Andrei

Good morning from a wet and windy Yorkshire.
I don't know about wet cats, but I hate the smell of wet dog.
Ever so strong and pungent.

Fletch, i was interested in your tv post.
TV shows do seem to be pushing the boundaries, even the soaps.

Emmerdale now has gay guys in it, as well as a murder running Home Farm.
Coronation Street has young lesbians in addition to Sean at the factory.

What would Annie Sugden and Ena Sharples say?

But if they keep pushing the boundaries, where will it all go?

Perhaps Annie Sugden and Ena Sharples will be shown in a shower (though hopefully not together) and we will be told the past 20-30 years was all a dream / nightmare?


murderer running Home Farm

I.M Fletcher said...

Fairfacts, being currently unemployed, I used to watch a little of Emmerdale, being that it was on right after the news. After a while, I searched the net to find out what was going to happen in some of the storylines, and it was so over-the-top and ridiculous that I don't bother anymore.

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