Friday, October 22, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

Chat time. For those that aren't going away on the long weekend ...

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Anonymous said...

Good evening.

Labour weekend - coming at the end of a week when we've seen that what's good for unions isn't always good for workers.

Anonymous said...

Or when we've seem what's good for big business isn't always good for workers and taxpayers.

How much will the bribe to Warner Bros be this time?

And has every one forgotten how long Jackson and co kept Guillermo del Toro Gómez hanging about?

Anyway, lovely evening in Canterbury, time to put away the knives and bring out the axes.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see not everyone in Oz was falling over themselves with orgasmic delight at Mary McKillop.

AT the time Mary MacKillop answered the prayers of a woman dying of leukaemia, there was a lot of static in the air. In China 43 million people were dying of starvation in one of the world's worst famines.

Thirty years later in the 1990s, when MacKillop answered the prayers of a woman dying of lung cancer, 3.8 million were dying in the Congo wars, 800,000 in the Rwanda genocide, a quarter of a million in the Yugoslav wars.

Advertisement: Story continues below Doubtless there were Christians praying to God, Jesus, angels, saints or favoured religious personages to intercede in these calamitous events. And on top of them, were millions upon millions of supplicants with more personal requests - a win at the races, a sober husband, top marks in HSC English, please.

All these prayers, we have to imagine, were being transmitted through the ether, and finding their intended host only to be coldly ignored. In the case of the two lucky Australians, we are asked to believe, MacKillop received the signal, and was moved to respond.

Why were these women spared when the ruler of the universe allowed millions upon millions of children to die of hunger? And what of those cancer sufferers who prayed to MacKillop but for some inscrutable reason did not go into remission? Has the Vatican checked out this control group?

Read the rest at

Anyway, how can McKillop be in heaven when Jesus hasn't come back and the bodily resurrection is yet to occur?

ZenTiger said...

Evening all. I'm coming home for the weekend. Time to get on my flight.

LRO. You don't know how many miracles occur. The whole article assumes that only one miracle happened that day and that is the only miracle to rebut. What if they are wrong?

Ciaron said...

Paul just doesn't get FNFA..

Lucia Maria said...

If a miracle occurs and no one sees it, did it really happen?

Lucia Maria said...


I read something about one of the saints (can't remember which one) who went to Heaven for a while. When she came back, she cried for three days straight because being back here was so awful.

Miracles do occur, but you can't assume that those who were cured of disease got the better deal.


Good morning!
Grey and cold. Might make double figures.
I'm hoping for a miracle in the job department.
Second interview today.
Bought a car last week.
The gas guzzlers are dirt cheap in Britain.
2004 X-type Jag for less than $9000.
No overpriced little shopping trolley for me, which seems to be what every Brit has nowadays.
Trouble is, I just die when i fill up.

Lucia Maria said...


I'm sure you don't need a miracle for getting a job, but I'll pray for you anyway.

I'd take a gas guzzler any day as well!


Cheers Lucia Maria

Some prayers might have been useful in NZ to get a job there.
But I'll be back.
Just need to spend time with family, while I can.

All the best


PS Still freelancing for A/NZ organisations. Well, with the net you can work anywhere.

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