Friday, April 20, 2012

Lucia The ability to see through things

Fulton Sheen on the Divine Sense of Humour. He defines humour as the ability to see through things; those who have it see the world like a window, it's transparent and they look out onto another world. He talks about how Jesus never took anything seriously except the salvation of souls. 

Here's Part II and Part III, with a total listening time (including the first part above) of just over 20 minutes.  

This episode was first screened on American television in 1959.

A related thought

The Breiviks of this world treat what is wrong with the world far too seriously.  The world is full of evil and injustice - it always has been.  Killing just contributes to that, it never solves anything, and those that might want to follow in Breivik's footsteps aren't ever going to solve anything with more evil.  What they really need is a divine sense of humour to help them see more than just this world.

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