Sunday, April 8, 2012

ZenTiger We don't need no education

Front page news: Secret Story of Violence in Schools - teachers being beaten up and bullied for their lunch, their cars vandalised and no doubt suffering wedgies on a daily basis. So what do these educational "institutions" do about it? Nada. Nothing. Worse, some teachers are allegedly urged not to report on an alarming increase of violence in schools. One big cover up.

A few pages over, and the headlines scream "Wagging school the daily deal for 29,000" and we read quotes like:
"Sometimes you get stoned, sometimes you can't be bothered and sometimes you are hung over from the night before"
That from a 14 year old!

But it's not just the students, with recent news that a pedophile had been working the schools, fabricating job history and identities to stay one step ahead of the institional bureaucracy by inventing complex cover stories like "you mean my evil twin brother?" or, according to one Principal who was very suspcious but failed to act, saying the bureaucratic process was just too onerous. Then back to the students - at one school, some bullies sexually violating students with teachers ignoring the increasing incidents of violence in and around the school.

At the other end of the spectrum - teachers that groom students for sex. Problem is, in some places, this is legal. The almighty secular society that on paper frowns upon such stuff as allowing people in positions of authority to sexually exploit those below the age of consent apparently haven't cared enough to make such activities illegal, but maybe one day soon. So when this teacher setup house with an 18 year old student, groomed for several years (and said teacher left his wife and three children) it wasn't illegal. However, the undying love affair didn't last after another claim of sexual abuse came to light.

Let's face it - the education system is totally stuffed; it is corrupt; it is filled with out of control bullies; with pedophile teachers and teachers who are grooming children for sex; with unreported violence; with cover-ups and bureaucratic processes that assist in cover-ups; with examples where apathy becomes a valid excuse for doing nothing.

Time to close down the schools. They produce nothing of value and the only news we hear about them indicates they are corrupt cesspits of crime.


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