Monday, April 9, 2012

Lucia Wear your cross

Cardinal Keith O'Brien is now calling on more Christians to wear a cross in public. His homily for Easter Sunday was released ahead of time to the news media.

Britain's most senior Catholic cleric has called on Christians to wear a cross every day as "a symbol of their beliefs" and to combat the marginalisation of religion in modern society.

I've been wearing a crucifix (a cross with Our Lord on it) every day for years. Sometimes it gets me some very odd looks, such as the time I was sitting in a garden centre cafe in Miramar and this woman was just staring at me from another table. I figure that right now, Christians are pretty much invisible, and showing that I am one (Catholic no less, because of the crucifix) is necessary just to remind people that we are still here and amongst them; normal, every day people who believe in Jesus Christ.

“So often the teachings of Jesus Christ are divided and ignored; so often those who try to live a Christian life are made fun of and ridiculed and marginalized,” the cardinal says in his homily.

“Perhaps the more regular use of that sign of the cross might become an indication of our desire to live close to that same Christ who suffered and died for us, and whose symbol we are proud to bear.”

“Whether on a simple chain or pinned to a lapel, the cross identifies us as disciples of Christ,” he adds.

It's not just a piece of jewellery.
He will say: "I know that many of you do wear such a cross of Christ, not in any ostentatious way, not in a way that might harm you at your work or recreation, but a simple indication that you value the role of Jesus Christ in the history of the world, that you are trying to live by Christ's standards in your own daily life."

His comments come as two women, who say they were discriminated against when their employers barred them from wearing the cross, are fighting to get their cases heard at the European court of human rights.
The only warning I have to give with regards to wearing a cross is make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.  Wear it because you are identifying yourself as a Christian so that others may be reminded of Jesus - don't wear it for political reasons.  Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between the two; the test for me is who or what do I think of when I put it on.

Catholic cardinal calls on Christians to wear their crosses every day ~ The Guardian
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scrubone said...

The trouble with wearing a cross is that for some people it's been something of a fad, and hence becomes meaningless.

But the point is well made nonetheless. We need to be less invisible.

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