Monday, April 9, 2012

ZenTiger Easter Sale - Kidney, only $3,000 (hardly used)

Must be the worst thing in the world to sell your kidney for an iPad and then get to the shops to discover they are closed for Easter. These are the kinds of consequences we need to consider by keeping shops closed. I just hope the guy selling his kidney kept enough margin for the unlimited download plan - or are more body parts reserved for that cost?

Equally, the middlemen buying the kidney now face a stiff fine. Add a thousand bucks to that if they resold it on Easter Friday.

This started out as a religious holiday that upsets liberal sensibilities, but could it morph into a more introspective look at rampant consumerism and materialism? Probably not.

Related Link: Freedom to Shop (A previous post with a good range of comments from both sides of the debate, and some consensus on the value of a public holiday: "Personally, the absolute best thing I like about public holidays is that the world slows down just for a moment. There's something more calming and pleasurable about a day with the family when you know the work is not necessarily piling up in your absence.")

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Happy Easter to you Zentiger, Lucia Maria and all the other contributors here.
I like the idea of a few special days , but the rules do seem so inconsistent with regards to shopping.
Anyway, I was able to make up for it in the shops on saturday and today.
Briscoes and Farmers had some very good deals, as did Countdown.

ZenTiger said...

Hey there! Nice to hear from you FFM. I've been a tad busy but hopefully, will catch up sometime soon in Auckland.

Lucia Maria said...


Hi from me as well! Yeah, lack of shopping would be difficult, I always find it stressful being so used to just going down to the shops when I need something. For Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I have to plan ahead!

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