Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fletch Remembering

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“In the Company of Heroes” is a painting based on more than just Matt Hall’s masterful creativity—this moment actually happened.
In Dec. 2004, Valor Studios funded a charitable trip to bring six of the Band of Brothers veterans to Germany to meet and greet the troops of the 1st Armored Division, just back from Iraq. Buck Compton, Babe Heffron, Bill Guarnere, Don Malarkey, Earl McClung, and Shifty Powers participated.
After two days in Germany, on the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, our tour traveled to Bastogne to revisit the veterans’ old foxholes with today’s soldiers. But, on the way to Bastogne, our host, now-SGM Billy Maloney, arranged a special moment for the veterans . . . a visit to Luxembourg American Cemetery where their fallen comrades are buried.
“In the Company of Heroes” depicts this moment. Wading through countless crosses and stars of David, Bill, Babe, Don, and Earl found the spot first, the headstones of their buddies.
There, in silence, Babe remembered his best friend John Julian. Don Malarkey would break down at the cross of his friend, Skip Muck. And Bill and Earl remembered the faces of Alex Penkala and others. The veterans would later agree: this was the most poignant moment since they left the continent of war in 1945.
When they returned home, over the years, the men asked us to commemorate this moment in a painting. None pressed harder than Wild Bill and Babe (call it South Philly persistence).
So, here it is, the moment that only the veterans witnessed—but what they want all of us to see—when they stood again, in the company of heroes.

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A beautiful post, Fletch. Thank you.

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