Monday, April 30, 2012

Lucia For Whale Oil: Why women become nuns

Whale Oil expresses amazement that a women who used to go out with British PM David Cameron has entered a nunnery. Whale wonders if David Cameron was a "dud root", in his words.

So I thought a short film on why women enter convents to become nuns was in order. Something about giving a radical witness to Christ and not about "roots", dud or anything else, at all.

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Andrei said...

He is kind of like a child, blissfully unaware that there are bigger things beyond his sight in the grown ups world.

dad4justice said...

Whaleoil is place where backstabbing gutless creeps like big bruv can put the knife in. This from big bruv less than an hour ago on Whale's cesspit homo loving blog,"Where is D4J?...this is his type of thread. Any mention of Peter Davis results in old D4J going into full melt down mode."

Any info on who this big bruv would be very much appreciated as I have had enough of this cowardly pus laden blogger who is evil filth? I want to front this queer face to face. Enough is enough.

I.M Fletcher said...

Then of course, there is Dolores Hart - the actress who co-starred with Elvis and had the looks of Grace Kelly, but who gave it all up to become a nun and was acknowledged recently at an award ceremony (Grammy?)

She had everything - fame, beauty, money. I wonder what reason Whale would offer as to why she have it all up.

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