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Lucia The Intimidation of Bigotry

Yesterday I was involved in a debate on the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog with regards to Cameron Slater's post That explains a lot, whereby he decided that a new study that found people who exhibited homophobia were more likely to experience same sex attraction themselves explained why every time he posted on "marriage equality the bigots come out of the woodwork and hurl[ed] all sorts of abuse."

I posited the theory that maybe some of those who oppose the homosexual agenda (gay marriage, teaching children about gay sex, adoption to same sex couples) and engage in these conversations might have more of an idea of the sexual struggle involved. Many people do not even realise that they can struggle against sexual temptations, and engage in promiscuous behaviour and watch pornography and are oblivious to the fact that these behaviours are harmful to them, and prevent them from having meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Temptations are just temptations if you don't give in to them, but to the liberal a temptation means "repression" - a Freudian view of sexuality where your temptations need to be acted upon for sexual and emotional health.

However, the problem seems to be that anyone who believes that any sexual activity outside of true marriage is harmful (and sinful), especially homosexual activity, is a bigot.

The irony of that thread was that my comment that I made was pretty benign, I thought. Here it is, right after a quote Whaleoil cited:

“Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show
a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and
lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within
themselves,” the study’s lead author, Netta Weinstein, told ScienceDaily.

“In many cases these are people who are at war with themselves and
they are turning this internal conflict outward,” said co-author Prof
Richard Ryan, from the University of Rochester.

Or, they understand the sexual struggle involved.

I was immediately abused by another commenter who said that I was an idiot.

Later on, I was named as a bigot by Cameron Slater himself. His description of a bigot was:

It is fine to have a different opinion but when they resort hate filled rants about gay people as thought they are retards beneath contempt then that is bigotry for sure.

One of the commenters (Steve P) called him up on that, having been called a bigot by Cameron previously. In reply, Cameron said:

I didn't call anyone in particular...I don't think I would even call you that....however I can say that Andrei, D4J and Lucia Maria are bigots

He must be still smarting from the previous days' conversation where I disagreed that Matthew Vines had made a good case for homosexuality being sanctioned by the Bible, The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality, where I was directly attacked by him for my Catholicism.

It must be so nice being perfect like you Lucia Maria...except you aren't perfect, I suspect that your sin is which case the wages of that sin is the same as for being gay...death, that is of course unless you have accepted the plan of salvation.

but being a conservative catholic I doubt that very I suspect that Matthew Vines may well be ahead of you in the queue.

These sorts of attacks, such as implying that people who speak out against the homosexual agenda must have the same inclinations themselves and then Whale's direct attack on me are the using the same tactic - intimidation. When logic fails, as it inevitably does in these debates because it doesn't stand up, the personal attacks come in to intimidate the opponents out of the game.

However, I've been blogging too long to be easily intimidated in this way, and my spiritual journey with Jesus has helped me peel back the distorted layers of my very self so that no one can accuse me of anything I have not already accused myself of. I am not afraid, for if I find anything that I should be ashamed of, I just take it to Confession and I'm wiped clean and given the grace to overcome it in my life.

I'm not perfect, and I doubt I ever will be, but that doesn't stop me from trying to become so.

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Anonymous said...

lucia, you may find it useful to take the bigotry test.

ZenTiger said...

That would be the one that says "Any religious person is evil and a bigot"

Talk about proving the point that there is no argument, just intimidation by shouting "homophobic" and "bigot".

JJ said...

Leftrightouts latest inanity confirms my conviction that the worst bigots are the ones pointing the finger at everybody else. Wilful ignorance.

KG said...

Some people's definition of a bigot seems to be anybody who isn't as indifferent to immorality and filth as they are....

dad4justice said...

Whale is a wasted fat unit who needs a good lesson in conservative values. Heis like Farrar, Graeme Taylor, etc... liberal wimps without backbones. Call me what you like but I detest faggots, scum like Helen Clark, Tim Barnett and Chris Carter have made me like this!. I will never forgive these poofs for what they have done to NZ.

God help NZ.

Anonymous said...

Bigot, thy name is Peter Burns.

Anonymous said...

JJ, I get it.

When Lucia, Andrei, et al claim the "homosexuality is a lifestyle choice" they're not being bigoted, just wilfully ignorant.

Just as it takes religion to get good people to do evil acts, it also takes religion to foment bigotry.

Lucia Maria said...


I don't claim homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. I do claim that every temptation to perform any sort of sexual act outside of marriage can be resisted - but we have no control over temptations, homosexual or otherwise.

ZenTiger said...

Dad, you need to consider that those people you mentioned (after the liberals) as politicians.

It might be more understandable to collectively blame politicians for how NZ has slipped?

LRO - you are misrepresenting what Lucia has said, and then go on to speak like a bigot against religion. Do you also blame religion for your sins?

Reggie said...

And of course as most people well know, PaulPiesseLeftFugleyAndBillyBorkerRightOut never makes bigoted statements.

# LeftRightOut (622) Says:
April 26th, 2010 at 10:58 am

Agreed, starboard, which is why I struggle to understand why so many kiwi men go for monkey people instead of real women.

Mainly, I suspect, because they are men with control issues and an inability to relate to another human.

KG said...

A very nice "gotcha", Reggie.

Anonymous said...

The only "gotcha" is on Reggie. Simply because a few demented morons who inhabit kiwiblog seem to think I am Paul Piesse does not make it so. Ask Peter Burns, Paul Piesse has been on to him for this.

Nor am I any of the others, seems reggie is projecting.

Try these names -
Gerald Ridsdale, Bryan Coffey, Paul Ryan, Robert Best and Edward Dowlan.

Anonymous said...

Lucia Maria, on MercatorNet, Dr Jennifer Morse comments on a similar experience, and concludes: "the point of the racket from the lifestyle left is to distract the reader or listener from the substance of the discussion. Keep changing the subject so no one has a clear picture of what is at stake in the argument. Keep making nasty-sounding attacks on people, so that a) no one wants to get involved in an argument with the lifestyle left, be they feminists or gays, b) people become willing to concede whatever the lifestyle left is asking for, just to make the annoying clamor go away, and c) people will start to shun the victims of the attack, thinking that they must be at fault somehow for bringing this on themselves."

Anonymous said...

Lucia Maria said...

I don't claim homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

Ok, point accepted. I have read that line on this blog more than once, but could have misattributed.

Anonymous said...

Lucia Maria said...

I don't claim homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

Ok, point accepted. I have read that line on this blog more than once, but could have misattributed.

kowtow said...

This is pertinent,from the UK Daily Telegraph.

Anonymous said...

Kowtow, what a hoot!

He says Christians will face a “religious bar” to employment if rulings against wearing crosses and expressing their beliefs are not reversed.

This from a man in a country where ONLY a member of HIS faith can be Head of State!

This from a man in a country where ONLY members of HIS faith have reserved seats in Parliament, no election needed. And he should know this, as he holds one of those unelected seats!

Oh that we poor atheists were so persecuted!

He bleats On that Courts in Britain have “consistently applied equality law to discriminate against Christians”.

The truth is that the courts have simply ruled that the law applies to all, no free passes for believing in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Could he get any more inane? yes, it seems he can.

The hearing, due to start in Strasbourg on Sept 4, will deal with the case of two workers forced out of their jobs over the wearing of crosses as a visible manifestation of their faith. It will also take in the cases of Gary McFarlane, a counsellor sacked for saying that he may not be comfortable in giving sex therapy to homosexual couples, and a Christian registrar, who wishes not to conduct civil partnership ceremonies.

He is complaining that some people are being sacked for failing to do their jobs as instructed. Taht is the usualconsequence.

Now, before you rush in blathering about people "following their consciences", I fully support their right to do that, as I have done so myself in the past. But the exeercise of conscience can often lead to consequences. So one must be prepared, as I was, to suffer the consequences, if any.

Conscience is a stand on principle, but it is not a free pass.

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