Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lucia Whale Oil attacks the Catholic Church again, this time over nuns

Cameron Slater starts his post with:
The Catholic Church is cracking down on uppity nuns who dare to voice an opinion.
He then quotes a Daily Beast article, the whole angle of which is
... the nuns’ main infractions weren’t sins of the flesh or succumbing to vices. Instead, the offending nuns were simply speaking their minds.

and staying silent on hot button issues such as

... abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and the ordination of women. Their silence is interpreted as endorsement, so by not speaking out against such “evils,” the report says the sisters are effectively showing their approval.
Whale Oil finishes off his post by saying that women are sometimes better than men, because "they don’t bugger little boys in the confessional".

The Catholic Church dealing with anything other than sex abuse by priests is seen by Whale Oil as an opportunity to repeatedly point out some priests have abused boys.  Yes, we know.  Yes, many things have been put in place to deal with and prevent that sort of thing from ever happening again.  However, sex abuse doesn't just spring from a vacuum - there are serious moral problems that allow a person to do that sort of thing, and those moral problems start small and they grow and grow until perversions occur.

That is what has happened with a great number of American Catholic nuns.  Some of their leadership have have lost their way (specifically the Leadership Conference of Women Religious) and are being herded back into the Catholic fold.  If they don't want to be Catholic, they are quite welcome to leave.  However staying and pretending to be Catholic is not an option, and it shouldn't be an option no matter how much the outside world believes in the same things that these nuns believe in. So having opinions that are not Catholic opinions and then pretending those opinions are valid Catholic opinions is something the Vatican should deal with in some way. Otherwise, what would the Catholic faith be but a giant free-for-all of opinions!

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8 comment(s):

scrubone said...

I saw an interview with one of the nuns inquestion on the BBC.

She struck me as one slick operator - always ready with a nice smooth sounding answer.

so by not speaking out against such “evils,” the report says the sisters are effectively showing their approval.

Well, the church (rightly) regards abortion as the taking of innocent life.

If you believe that to be true, then silence is unthinkable.

If you think it to be false, then say so and be kicked out. But of course, they don't want to be kicked out.

DrCP said...

Just ask him how the Adventist Utopia of Pitcairn Island (and their enlightened views on woman) is working out.

Then ignore him - he is the other side of the NoRightTurn hate filled coin. Either way you flip it, the answer isn't pretty.

Redbaiter said...

Whale is just your typical NAtional PArty dumbarse, too politically ignorant to work out how the left have run rings around them for five decades, and how they are so infiltrated by the left they're barely distinguishable from Labour.

His continual attacks on religion are just one example of his many Marxist traits.

The guy is a completely politically clueless.

dad4justice said...

If it's not the satanic big bruv Taylor attacking Christ then it will be a fat lazy whale, a liberal Nutional dropkick. These clueless cretins are hard going.

Reggie said...

Slater is an attention-seeking narcissist with delusions of grandeur. I don't know why you keep give that fool any further oxygen on the subject, LM.

Lucia Maria said...


He already has more than enough oxygen of his own without my contribution being anything but insignificant; however, what he says needs to be countered. Currently this blog's Google rank is very high (just search for Whale Oil in Google.co.nz), so I intend to make good use of it.


I certainly hope there is more to him that that!

To everyone,

I'm actually more interested in the issues Cameron Slater raises (and pointing out the errors in his arguments) than attacking him personally, so I hope that future comments keep this in mind as well.

JJ said...

Slater has issues. Quotes the proverbs and promotes faggotry. So he is clearly confused and thinks he can have a foot in both camps. I stopped reading him. As someone above pointed out he is simply a narcissist with delusions of grandeur.

Lucia Maria said...

JJ, I disagree.

I don't think he's so much promoting as trying to be human in the best way he knows how to be at this point. He has tried to explain a couple of times and it seems there is more to it than what he's saying.

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